CSUN ‘Summer Movie Fest’ gives back to charity and the community

CSUN's fifth 'Summer Movie Fest' kicks off with the showing of "Clueless," food trucks and a raffle to support the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.

Experience the Farmer’s Market

Friends with the Enemy

"Friends with the Enemy" shows the stories of three different American soldiers and their experiences in war. We have George Gillman Key Jr., a WWII veteran...Sid Mendoza, an Iraq Veteran and Scholarship and Enrollment officer...
Students pictured protesting customs and border protectionvideo

Students protest Customs and Border Protection recruitment

CSUN students stand in support and solidarity of their peers.

Students train with Michael Blanks in SRC Master Class

Story by Mayra Escobedo Students got an opportunity to workout with Michael Blanks Tuesday at the SRC. The Master Class with Blanks kicked off the five Masterclass series put together by the University Student Union that...

CSU Board of Trustees approves fee hike for students

The CSU Board of Trustees approved a five percent increase in undergraduate fees for the 2010-11 academic year, requiring students to pay $204 more than last year. Board members also voted to increase fees for...

CSUN On Point 03/15/16 (HD) Perez and Elliott

CSUN's University Student Union opened the Oasis Wellness Center in 2015 as a place for all CSUN students to rest and relax. Part of the Center are CSUN's only gender-inclusive restrooms, welcome to all,...

CSUN Hip Hop Dance Team

In a basement room in Redwood Hall, members of the CSUN Hip Hop Team gather a few nights a week to learn and create new choreography.  During their rehearsals, laughter and music fills the...
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