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Coffee Health Effects Debated

Coffee lovers packed the Los Angeles Convention Center for the annual CoffeeCon event. There were over 50 vendors and they all freely handed out samples of their signature drinks. But, California coffee shops may...
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CSUN: Are you Aware? – Magic Mushrooms

We asked CSUN students if they were aware of the possible decriminalization of hallucinogenic mushrooms. We also got an experts opinion from a CSUN Biology professor.

TRENDS Fashion Show – Through the Eyes of the Designer

TRENDS Fashion Show took a unique approach this Sunday with a variety of designs, a red carpet and special prizes for the winner. There were designs inspired by the 70's, Godesses and even Britney...

Pros and cons of Measure B

Ballots in California are typically chockablock with voter initiatives and in Los Angeles County, voters will have a say in a major regulation affecting a significant back-yard industry. L.A. County Measure B, if passed, would...

On Point: Marketing CSUN Athletics

Guests: CSUN Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Brandon Martin, CSUN Women's Volleyball Head Coach Jeff Stork and CSUN Faculty Athletics Representative Tina Kiesler.

Students view solar eclipse at Orange Grove Students were at the obeservatory near the orange grove to witness the solar eclipse.
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