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“True Magic”

Ariella Kaniel, Senior

My concept is a true inspiration to the magic that manifests in the darkest hour. It lights up the sleeping subconscious. To illustrate this, I painted an underwater scene as an allegory for the mental struggle. The figure summoning the school of fish from the glowing orb of light is meant for the viewer to identify with the feeling of being inspired; the necklace is a representation of imagination which aides us in dreaming limitless possibilities.

“The Adventurous World”

Minley Moradian, Graphic Design Major, Sophomore

When I am asleep I visualize myself being a professional artist, working with different companies by doing what I love. Some interests that I have that are flowing in my hair, such as weight for working out, books, those are mostly my goals. One of my goals and dreams is to have a healthy life by working out, creating a happy and active life for myself and also to graduate and pursue a career that I’ve always wanted to get into.

“Wild Flower (Born To Be Wild)”

Iris Peretz, An Art Major, Senior

This sculptural piece named “Wild Flower (Born To Be Wild)” actually came to me in a dream. I was in bed with my husband and had a dream about a flowing artwork made from used helmet visors that have been in a crash. My husband and I were in a crash on PCH a few months back and the crash weighed heavily on my mind. I subconsciously wanted to celebrate survival and move past the point of impact that I kept seeing over and over in my mind. The dream theme means a lot to me as I believe that we can realize dreams and this is one small example of it.

This piece is currently on exhibit at Hope Gallery in Los Angeles.

“Déjà Vu”

Salma Bustos, Electronic Media Management Major, Sophomore

Once I dreamt about an experience that at the time I didn’t know would happen to me in the future. I had dreamt that I had been walking down a path near the beach at dusk after a long day, the breeze was blowing and I was content with what I had done. Although I only remember a few seconds of the dream when I finally experienced it was at the end of the last Warped Tour in Ventura. I had just photographed one of my favorite bands, Taking Back Sunday for the first time ever and was walking down that same path after the show, insane Déjà Vu. It was reassuring and made me feel like I was doing something right.

“In My Thoughts”

Tessa Bedik

This is a piece created to show deep contemplation and reflection of life and the intricate meaning behind it. Different memories spark up so many emotions inside someone’s mind. I wanted to convey that feeling through a visual media that is aesthetically pleasing. This piece is personal to me because it is all the good and bad memories that have stuck with me throughout the beginning of my life. This is a mixed media piece that enhances emotion through the usage of bright yet soothing colors. I hope you enjoy it and it gets you to start thinking with deep thought.

“The Nightmare”

Brenda Munguia, Senior

My painting connects to the “I once dreamt” theme because I’ve had many dreams about the ocean. I am a Mexican American and we believe that dreaming the sea symbolizes sadness and death. Others think it symbolizes being in deep water and being in the high water. But I have learned that dreaming of a body of water represents the unconscious itself. I painted a dream where I was feeling fear and horror. In this dream, I felt myself screaming. Then I found myself floating in a stormy sky. A plane then passed by. The day before I had watched a horror movie.


Holly Stuczynski, Senior

Dreams seem to be an extension of my daily process, worries, tasks. I dream of being able to have the power over the endless chores, taking control of the tools that encapsulate my time. Eugene Delacroix’s painting “Liberty Leading the People” has always been a strong image, and as a full-time student, mother of six and wife, I see that I need to have strength and courage to accomplish my life goals. While I may not think that I have an excessive worry with regards to time management, obviously my dreams speak to my stress and desire to conquer.


Holly Stuczynski, Senior

When I dream the thoughts that are underlying can trickle out, and with the political climate being as such, I am so fearful that the current president will destroy our planet and take away women’s rights over their own body as he reigns as his own appointed dictator, spewing forth ugly prejudiced rhetoric towards immigrants, especially those from Mexico and hatred towards anything that is California. I painted this recognizing Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory,” who painted dreams and dream-like states, referencing my dream, my fears and Trump’s persistence of ego.

“Floating Island”

Betsie Garcia

What this piece represents is a loss of ambition. One of the biggest inspirations for this piece was the Windmill Island from Gorillaz and like the Windmill Island, it is being steered away and is decaying away slowly.

“The Omen”

Bailey Turner, Art Major, Freshman

This is a piece that represents what I gain from my dreams, fragments. Hence the use of crosshatching a type of method I have been learning in my observational class, out of the objects we were given I chose to draw a raven figurine as in classical literature ravens were used as symbols and omens, for insight and prophecy. I believe that dreams give us insight into our most profound anxieties by putting together pieces of memories. Conjuring a fragmented and scattered landscape that leaves us wanting to know more, once we are awakened by the next day.


Ashley Gonzalez, Freshman

I wanted to create a makeup look that followed the “Once I Dreamt” theme because makeup helps me express emotions or thoughts. I used soft pinks and purples to mimic the dreamy sunsets that bring on the night, or the moment we all ready ourselves to dream. I wanted to include a bit of golden highlight on my inner corners to represent the sun rising in the morning after a long night of dreaming. I kept the look very light and hazy similar to a dreamlike vision.

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