The way of the 'Jedi': Professor Steven Graves' epic journey with geography

by Gabbie Puzon

When driving around his old hometown one day, Steven Graves noticed something peculiar about how certain areas of the town were laid out based on socio-economic factors. Questions then popped in his mind: Is this an unusual circumstance? Or is this pattern repeated elsewhere?

Mechanical engineering student finds purpse

Royer Gramajo

Samuel Tavera was five years old when his parents were considering moving to the U.S. from Mexico in early 2001. His parents knew how important it was to immigrate to the U.S. in order for him and his younger brother, Daniel, to have a brighter future.

The 8 best Instagram editing apps

Elaina Tovar

Have you ever felt that your Instagram feed is not getting enough attention from your followers? The photos you are taking might need an additional boost to improve their quality. Below are 10 of the best apps to make your Instagram pictures look better. All of them can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Store.

Engineering her own path one bot at a time

Ariana Valencia

Friday nights at CSUN are relatively quiet. There aren’t many people left on campus by the time the sun sets on the Oviatt Lawn. But, just directly behind the library, in Jacaranda Hall, there are about a dozen engineering students packed into a classroom working late into the evening — and only one of them is a girl.

Technology in sports continues to advance

Bryanna Winner

Since the invention of the radio, technology has been progressing rapidly and has transformed the sports world. Games would be broadcast for local teams before the start of television in the 1960s.

Travelling the road to succesful research

Mireles Lilibeth

When CSUN professor Jonathan Kelber decided he wanted to teach, he turned to his mentors for inspiration which would eventually lead to the creation of his own research lab program.