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Associated Students discuss election kick-off, campus transportation improvement

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Nicollette Ashtiani

February 23, 2016

Plans for the upcoming Associated Student Election, California Faculty Assiciation negotiation talks and possible public transportation improvements were a few of the items discussed during the Associated Students Senate meeting. Elections Associated Students awareness month, a series of events...

A.S. presidential veto policy on chopping block for next fall

Ivette Lopez

November 30, 2011

The state legislature could change Associated Students presidents’ ability to veto policies beginning next fall. “As your A.S. president, I don’t like it,” said CSUN’s student government president, Amanda Flavin, during Tuesday’s senate meeting. According to CSUN’s Internal Affairs...

CSUN A.S. hosts ‘Final Flip’ event to help students relax

Alison Geller

May 12, 2011

A.S. will be hosting one last event before finals called “Final Flip,” where entertainment and free food will be provided for students who show up. “Final Flip” is a luau themed event for students to unwind after the last day of regular classes and before finals kick off.  There will be free...

CSUN students cannot appeal elimination of financial aid if over 150 units

Samantha Tata

April 27, 2011

A.S. Academic Affairs Committee unsuccessfully proposed the creation of an appeals process against the elimination of financial aid eligibility for students with 150 units.  Prior to the change, students were able to receive financial aid up to 180 units. “It’s geared more towards non-traditional...

CSUN’s A.S. cuts entertainment budget

Samantha Tata

April 20, 2011

Associated Students reduced the budget for the organization in charge of providing students with entertainment, such as concerts, lectures and cultural events free of charge. SPACE, Student Production and Campus Entertainment, had their summer program eliminated for a second year in a row and their...

CSUN A.S. senate seats still unoccupied

Samantha Tata

February 16, 2011

Two of the eight vacant senate seats were filled by Associated Students over the past two weeks and the remaining are expected to be assigned by mid-March, said Paige Andrews, A.S. director of personnel. Junior Anthony Castro, 21, was appointed Tuesday Feb. 8 to represent the college of health and...

A.S. considers allowing two of its workers to serve on senate

Samantha Tata

February 2, 2011

A.S. will make policy exceptions to allow two employees to serve on the senate in what President Conor Lansdale said is a “frequent occurrence.” “A.S. is a hybrid of student government and a board of directors for a non-profit,” Lansdale said.  “This allows us to be flexible and suspend...

CSU Board of Trustees member observes how budget decisions affect CSUN students

Adria Brodie

December 8, 2010

CSU Board of Trustee member Henry Mendoza toured the campus Monday to gain knowledge about the culture of CSUN and observed how the faculty and administration responded to the needs of the students, said Conor Lansdale, A.S. president. During the vice president’s committee report Tuesday at...

A.S. funds BSU for Black History Month

Adria Brodie

December 1, 2010

A.S. voted to allocate $6,100 to Black Student Union (BSU) for Black History Month and for monthly workshops Tuesday. During the meeting, A.S. Director of Finance Vahan Khodanian said BSU would receive supplemental funding because the organization’s initial request made in late September was pending...

A.S. adds more funds to transit subsidy program

Nayeli Pelayo

December 1, 2010

A.S. has increased the allotment for the student transit subsidy for this school year. Because of the overwhelming number of students using the subsidy last year, A.S. added $20,000 more to the $50,000 in monthly transit subsidies. “Last year it was an amazing hit and we ran out of funding,”...

A.S. president looks to put a mobile kiosk in the Oviatt

Adria Brodie

December 1, 2010

A.S. President Conor Lansdale wants to put a kiosk in the Oviatt Library to serve as a connection between A.S. and the library and to expose students to issues and leadership. Although the project has not been formally funded, approved or implemented, senators provided Lansdale feedback during the A....

Study abroad presentation for A.S.

Adria Brodie

November 29, 2010

Have you ever thought about traveling outside of the country, or taking classes at another university, but did not know how to make it a reality or financially possible? A.S. senators got the opportunity to learn how they could spread their wings and take their education on the road, or rather via...

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