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Gov. Jerry Brown proposes $125 million for CSU budget

Melissa Simon

January 21, 2013

CORRECTION: Cynthia Rawitch was listed as provost. Rawitch is vice provost, while Harry Hellenbrand is provost. The "May revise" will happen after Gov. Brown receives the proposal, not before, as stated in the article. Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a budget of an additional $125.1 million to go to ...

CSU campuses receive record number of applications for the fourth straight year

CSU campuses receive record number of applications for the fourth straight year

Melanie Gaball

January 20, 2013

The California State University system received 12 percent more applications for Fall 2013 than it did for the previous year, continuing a four year increase in demand for higher education across all 23 CSU campuses. After an enrollment freeze for Spring 2013, which forced the majority of the CSU ca...

CSU asks state for money in lieu of Proposition 30

Gabrielle Moreira

December 5, 2012

The California State University system is requesting almost $372 million from the state for their support budget, which will see a five percent enrollment increase and salary increases for faculty and staff. The CSU is expecting about $69.9 million in their support budget coming from tuition fees...

CSU postpones vote on fee increases

CSU postpones vote on fee increases

Carly Gillis

November 13, 2012

  >> UPDATED WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION << CSU Board Chair Bob Linscheid announced Tuesday that three proposed tuition fees will be delayed until further notice. “After the testimony of a number of folks, including students, and the outcome of the election of Proposi...

CSU faculty receive email urging discretion on political talk

Christina Cocca

October 21, 2012

An email sent from CSUN Provost Harry Hellenbrand urged faculty to refrain from using class time to discuss political matters. The email sent on Sept. 26 said former CSU Chancellor Charles Reed asked Academic Affairs to remind faculty that “using the classroom to inform students about Proposition...

New CSU chancellor announced

New CSU chancellor announced

Agnes Constante

October 4, 2012

>>Updated with additional information.: Timothy P. White, chancellor of the University of California, Riverside (UCR), has been selected as the seventh chancellor for the California State University(CSU) system. He has served as the chancellor of Riverside since 2008, and in the years he has s...

Bill could require CSU trustees to warn students about tuition hikes in advance

Mayra Escobedo

September 26, 2012

>>UPDATE September 28, 2012. 12:01 p.m. Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that would require CSU trustees and UC regents to notify students 30-days in advance before tuition and fee increases are made, on Sept. 27. AB 970, the Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act,...

CSUN offers scholarships to help students during tuition hikes

Nathan McMahon

September 24, 2012

>>>CORRECTION: The article reads that "students should have at least a 3.5 GPA." It should read, "Often, students should have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA to qualify for a majority of the CSUN scholarships."<<<   Scholarships are a way for students to take some of the financial...

Some degrees pay off better than others

Christina Bennett

September 24, 2012

In an economy teetering on the edge of stability and an uncertain future for CSUs, students may worry whether they will find a job. But even with a degree, students might find that their respective major does not guarantee economic security. The top-10 college majors that pay the most are all in math...

California budgets $1 billion more to prisons than higher education and leaves students hanging

Hansook Oh

September 19, 2012

Imagine a society that spends more money on keeping its prison system alive rather than educating their citizens. Imagine a society where you soon might have more youth spending time behind bars than behind the desk. There is no need to imagine this kind of society; this is our reality. Th...

CSU votes in favor of increase or refund based on success or failure of Proposition 30

Gabrielle Moreira

September 19, 2012

UPDATED WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION LONG BEACH—The CSU board of trustees voted 11 to 3 today in favor of a tuition increase if Proposition 30 fails and 11 to 3 in favor of a tuition rollback, or reimbursement, if the proposition passes. If Gov. Brown’s tax initiative, Prop. 30, is not passed in th...

Staff editorial: The CSU will vote on three potential additional fees

Staff editorial: The CSU will vote on three potential additional fees

Daily Sundial

September 18, 2012

On Wednesday, the Cal State University board of trustees will vote on a series of resolutions that could raise tuition, including one that would raise tuition up to $372 per-unit for some students. These resolutions include immediate tuition hikes if Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 fails. However,...

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