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  • September 29CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 905 new cases, 39 death in L.A. County

Facebook: New ‘Subscribe To’ Button in Testing Stage

Rima Bek

September 3, 2010

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature which lets you subscribe to a particular user, according to a report from All Facebook. This means that at any time, you can get notifications as to what that user is doing—whether it is posting status updates or new content (photos, videos, links, etc…). By...

Keeping it face-to-face

Kerstin Gupilan

April 28, 2010

Modern technology is amazing. It’s helped to save lives, win wars and helped major networks choose the next biggest talent in this country. But the main use for technology that we have all come to embrace and rely on is something so medieval and so commonplace that I wonder if it’s more harmful than...

How To: The unofficial rules of Facebook

Kerstin Gupilan

November 17, 2009

Facebook.  Like some digital diseases it’s managed to infiltrate most of the general public, college campuses for sure, and at a surprisingly rapid pace. OK, so the story’s been told before and it’s been heard a million times over the past couple years.  Everyone’s on Facebook.  Everyone’s addicted to Facebook.  Facebook is the grea...

Moodle is ‘WebCT meets Facebook’

Donnella Collison

September 22, 2009

CSUN has begun the process of phasing out WebCT as the learning management system used by the school and integrating the use of Moodle. The shift, according to Director of Academic Technology David Levin, was prompted by the eventual elimination of the WebCT program by the company that owns it, Blackboard. WebCT...

Facebook exodus

Facebook exodus

Yazmin Cruz

September 15, 2009

Are young people losing interest in facebook? ...

Snuggie vs. ShamWow

Snuggie vs. ShamWow

Jacky Guerrero

January 26, 2009

I was astounded today when I learned what Snuggies and ShamWow's are. It took me awhile but I finally looked into them. I can believe the credibility behind the ShamWow, which recently won a "As Seen On TV " contest on, by being voted #2 in the best Household/ Automotive section and beating the Snuggie in round 2. Now th...

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