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CSUN’s On Point: April 28th, 2015

Kyle Ghafouri

May 1, 2015

Graduation: What's On The Other Side? On Point looks at the challenge of finding a job with CSUN Career Center's Patricia Gaynor, and LAVC's Career Counselor Doug Marriott.

Chancellor discusses CSU budget and graduation initiative during conference

File Photo / The Sundial

Saffana Hijaz

February 13, 2015

Chancellor Timothy White spoke during an online press conference with journalism students throughout the California State University (CSU) system on Friday, Feb. 13, to briefly discuss the CSU budget and graduation initiative. "I talk about the value of the CSU system, but when you as a student, [who]...

CSU system to try and graduate students faster

File Photo / The Sundial

Saffana Hijaz

February 11, 2015

As part of a system-wide graduation initiative, the CSU system aims to graduate more of its students in less than four or six years. Business management major Oyn Vladimir, a transfer student, said she wished he started his college years at CSUN. She started taking classes at Santa Monica Community...

Geek Clash says goodbye and congrats to Josh Carlton and looks ahead to spring 2015

Josh Carlton

December 10, 2014

  This week on Geek Clash, the group says goodbye to Josh as he prepares to head off into the abyss of post-college life. In between mourning, Lita and Trevor discuss their favorites of the year, while Josh chimes in. Geek Clash will return in spring 2015 after winter break. Thanks for listenin...

CSUN is trying to ruin graduation for us, yet again

Illustration by Kristine Delicana/Illustrations Editor

Joshua Khabushani

November 10, 2014

In a sequel to last year’s frenzy, campus administration has once again insulted the student body by serving us with yet another false dichotomy. Keep commencement at the Oviatt Library - allowing up to seven tickets - or sabotage 15 years of Matador tradition and move commencement to the North Field, offering a p...

Keep calm and graduate on time

Illustration By Jae Kitinoja/ Contributor

Crystal Lambert

October 30, 2014

Like many college students, my four-year plan has not quite been four years. However, graduating only a semester late, I’m still one of the lucky ones. The six-year plan is the new four-year plan. So if you want to graduate “on time” here are some ideas to look into. A common problem is students e...

It’s OK to apologize for a graduation mess-up

Illustration by Jae Kitinoja/Illustrator

Luis Rivas

May 8, 2014

After years — on and off a total of 13 — I finally did it. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a university. The first in my family to do so, although my brother technically beat me to it  graduating early from DeVry earlier in the year. It was a great accomplishment, in spite of many setbacks. ...

AS announces commencement ticket procedure at Monday meeting

Daché Jackson

March 18, 2014

Correction: Students are able to print out up to seven tickets, not only seven tickets. Students have permission to print tickets, but if more than seven are printed, the original set become invalid. Students should expect to receive an email directing them to Ticketmaster to print out their commen...

Students learn about graduation ticket distribution at Gradfest

Kwok Chan

March 12, 2014

Graduating students packed the Matador Bookstore Complex Wednesday for Gradfest, a two-day celebratory event where students were informed about procuring tickets for commencement and had the opportunity to purchase graduation paraphernalia. Anthony Bennett, activities assistant for Student Involvement and De...

Countdown to Graduation begins with senior gift campaign on Tuesday

Nicole Socala

February 10, 2014

Only 100 days until Graduation remain for the Class of 2014 which will be marked by the 100 Days Party Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Bookstore Lawn. As Matadors begin to order their graduation hats and gowns for the big day, they get the opportunity to leave their legacy behind by participat...

Student protest, petition spark officials to add tickets, extra graduation day

President Dianne Harrison decided to increase the number of commencement tickets after a December meeting with Associated Students and William Watkins, vice president of student affairs. File Photo / Daily Sundial

Alex Vejar

January 22, 2014

CSUN graduates will now be allowed to request seven tickets instead of four to invite guests to their commencement ceremonies in May after a decision was reached by university officials in December of last year. In addition, one day was added to the commencement schedule in order to separate so...

CSUN is ruining graduation for us all

CSUN is ruining graduation for us all

Abigail Rondon

December 8, 2013

I remember being five years old, curly-haired pigtails and a big cheesy smile on my face, looking out into the audience to see my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even my baby sister smiling at me with pride. Elementary and junior high were no exception. By this point my family ha...

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