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Remembering Ray: health center radiology technologist passes

Gabrielle Moreira

August 24, 2012

Raymond Solis, the radiology technologist at the Klotz Student Health Center, was optimistic, cheerful, and caring. His enthusiasm for life was contagious. Ray, as staff and students at the center called him, was an eclectic, fun and encouraging person to be around, even during the toughest moments of his life. “Ray was a ray of sunshine to me and al...

Klotz health center can be helpful resource to students

Christina Cocca

August 24, 2012

As the pitfalls of the economic system pressure college students to fend for themselves, CSUN supplies an oasis in the desert of the dramatic health insurance debacle: The Klotz Student Health Center. The Klotz is a two-story brick building located on a quiet hill on the east side of campus. Upon entry, students are greeted with a smile and ma...

Klotz Student Health Center offers online appointments

Klotz Student Health Center offers online appointments

Sarah Lorsch

August 30, 2011

The end of the Spring 2011 semester started the revolution against the once prevalent two-hour hold time to make an appointment at the Klotz Student Health Center, which is now offering online appointment scheduling. “I think (online appointments) will make student’s lives easier with their...

CSUN Student Health Clinic; Take Control of Your Health before it Takes Control of You

Ken Scarboro

June 29, 2011

Cal State Northridge offers a medical health clinic that serves as a critical facility needed for underinsured, underpaid, overworked college students. Klotz Student Health Center offers basic health services that are vital to a person’s health and wellness at no cost or a low affordable cost to ...

Student stress on the rise

Natalie Estrada

April 11, 2011

Fernando Hernandez learned a lesson the hard way. After four years of struggling with high levels of stress and anxiety, the 22-year-old biology major said he now recognizes the importance of effective time management in order to avoid the physical and mental effects caused by these issues. “I try to st...

Survey to help CSUN health center evaluate student needs

Nikki Erinakis

March 22, 2011

A random sample of 10,000 CSUN students are being surveyed via email on a variety of health related topics to make improvements to health related services offered on campus. The American College Health Association is issuing a survey to universities across the nation. The national college health assessment...

CSUN’s Klotz Student Health Center expanding to new location

Samantha Tata

February 22, 2011

The University Student Union Board of Directors allocated the soon-to-be vacant fitness center’s space to a wellness center, the satellite facility of the Klotz Student Health Center’s Wellness Center. Yolanda Reid Chassiakos, director of the Klotz Student Health Center said some of the c...

Family-planning program aimed at low income students

Nikki Erinakis

February 15, 2011

Family Planning Access Care Treatment, a state administered program, now offers family planning services at the Klotz Student Health Center for low income students. The Family PACT program at CSUN provides students with free or low cost services. Students who are enrolled in the program can gain con...

CSUN health center employee learns to fly

Alison Geller

February 2, 2011

Trapeze flying is not a hobby that immediately comes to most people’s minds but for Mercedes Gallup, the Klotz Student Health Center nursing and clinical support unit supervisor, it is more than just a hobby, it is a way of life. Gallup, 43, manages the patient care areas and support staff and...

Flu vaccine offered to CSUN faculty and staff through Klotz Health Center

Rima Bek

October 12, 2010

The Klotz Student Health Center hosted the flu shot clinic at the Oviatt Library’s garden level on Tuesday. Marianne Hudz, manager of professional development and human resources at CSUN, said this is the third year the health center has had the clinic. “It is a good cooperative effort between human resources and the health center,” said Hudz...

Living Well Lounge helps students relax during the semester

Anastasia Atkins

August 30, 2010

Students feeling the stress of class work this fall can find some solace at the Living Well Lounge, located across from the Fitness Centre in the University Student Union (USU). The lounge, operated by the Klotz Student Health Center, is a free service to all currently enrolled students. “One...

Klotz Student Health Center provides services to CSUN students

Brett Teal

June 26, 2010

As the rain poured in front of the Freudian Sip near the Sierra Center two years ago, Debbie Chutuk lost her footing, slipped and fell. When Chutuk hit the ground she injured her knee. The 54-year-old liberal studies major feared she had torn a muscle or a broken bone. At the time she didn't have...

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