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CSUN’s crime blotter: vehicular theft and more swearing (with some nudity)

So last week, CSUN did a lot more dirty deeds and made for a way more interesting crime report. There's too much crazy crap...

Students Wait Anxiously For James Franco’s ‘Big Lecture’

James Franco's 'Big Lecture' attracts tons of CSUN students.

FCC Ruling on Net Neutrality

The FCC ruling reclassifies the internet as a telecommunication system.

CSUN’s crime blotter: down, dirty and ongoing

Last week was boring. Either CSUN students are doing something right and decided to act like adults, or they just forgot how to have...

CSUN’s crime blotter: offensive language and unreasonable noise

Despite being an institution of higher education that is tasked with producing the next generation of outstanding professionals, crimes do happen, and students commit...

CSUN’s crime blotter: the weekly dirt on campus

Note from the editor: Dear Reader, Welcome to The Sundial's new crime blotter, a new weekly feature where we go over the daily crime log released by CSUN's Department of Police Services.

Watch: Lifeclash Episode 2

Here’s our second episode of Lifeclash! It is a Valentine inspired theme so we cover stories from worst dates, creative places to go for...

Women graduating college, earning degrees more than men, study shows

There is an increasing gap between female college students and their male counterparts in terms of college preparation, enrollment and graduation in the University of California (UC)...

Chicano studies department to focus on ethnic and immigration issues

On a typical Friday, many college students can be found at a local movie theater, intellectually unwinding from a long week of school and...

Introducing the “real-time” web

It’s rainy and it’s cold, the perfect time to cuddle up to the blue glow of your monitor to see what’s going on in...

Editor’s Note

It has recently been brought to our attention that two unidentified men claiming to be Daily Sundial sales representatives, have been attempting to sell...
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