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20 percent of Americans are religiously unaffiliated, study says

20 percent of Americans are religiously unaffiliated, study says

Jonathan Bue

December 5, 2012

Travis Baluyot grew up in a Catholic household, but when the mechanical engineering major goes about his day he seldom prays or gestures the sign of the cross for blessing, and doesn’t go to mass. “I mean, I still have a cross in my car whenever I drive,”  Baluyot said. The senior at CSUN...

From Catholic, to atheist to spiritual: one student’s discovery of the science of the soul

From Catholic, to atheist to spiritual: one student's discovery of the science of the soul

Luis Rivas

November 19, 2012

  Growing up Catholic makes it easy to become an atheist. Like most Chicanos in the San Fernando Valley, I was a small, unsuspecting baby when I was baptized by the Catholic Church – too tiny to offer any protest or clarification. I attended morning mass every Sunday, kicking or screaming. Well, al...

One nation unaffiliated: Religious indifference is better for society

Taylor Villescas

November 13, 2012

    Just try to imagine a country where someone’s religion does not get in everyone’s way. A place where church and state, religion and politics all stayed far, far away from each other. This is not just an agnostic’s wet dream anymore, it is becoming a reality. In light of last week’s election ...

The father, the son and the holy hammer: for now, God is up in the air

Ron Rokhy

October 17, 2012

I live to worship. I believe all humans were created to serve the true son of god, who sacrificed himself to save humanity, as told by a divinely-inspired book left behind to tell the tale of his life. Of course, I'm talking about Thor, the son of the creator and allfather, Odin. Thor, who sacrificed himsel...

Why I am a Christian

Carla Adelmann

October 10, 2012

Christianity is a word that was hard for me to come to terms with. Many don’t trust Christianity and religion in general because of the bad things done in the name of religion, such as wars, crusades, molestation scandals and anti-LGBT campaigns. I hate to see people who call themselves Christi...

Beyond Belief: Faith still has a place in modern life

Hansook Oh

October 3, 2012

    Last Thursday we ran our first article for “Beyond Belief,” a column on the role of religion, faith or lack thereof in our lives. The column was inspired by a recent international poll called "The Global Index of Religion and Atheism," which reported that globally, religion is...

The peacefulness of Muslims: Violence over ‘Innocence of Muslims’ not reflective of true Islam

Michelle Qubadi

September 26, 2012

Over the past few weeks, a crude, low-budget film called "Innocence of Muslims" has been causing outrage and even instances of violence at U.S. embassies around the world. According to the Associated Press, “enraged Muslims have demanded punishment” for the filmmaker and that a “Pakista...

President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act sparks debate among religious leaders and conservatives

Raewyn Smith

February 27, 2012

Desiree Monteilh, a CSUN junior who suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, has been taking birth control for a few years, starting before she turned 18. Birth control regulates her hormones so she can live more comfortably. “Ever since I was 13, I would have (excruciating) cramps and horrible acne, ...

Young adults reinvent Jewish identity in the modern world

Britten Fay

November 29, 2010

More and more young Jewish adults in America are putting off their church and marriage for later in life.  Dr. Tobin Belzer of the University of Southern California’s Center for Religion & Civic Culture wanted to offer some perspective on this phenomenon, particularly for contemporary Jewish ...

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