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CSUN violinist continues in mother’s musical footsteps

Michelle Reuter

March 26, 2013

In a few months, Mary Keating will leave CSUN with a degree in music performance, a violin and a plan. This dedicated, classically-trained musician has already begun performing and recording professionally in the Los Angeles area. "It's been difficult at times, but I've definitely grown a lot," s...

Physics student sees a world of infinite possibilities

Physics student sees a world of infinite possibilities

Brian Andrade

March 25, 2013

Wind passing through a leaf or a ball bouncing on the ground are daily events that do not stand out to the untrained eye. But Jesus Morales has a keen eye for minor occurrences in nature. Morales, a graduate physics student at CSUN, holds three undergraduate degrees in applied physics, mat...

CSUN psychology graduate students attentive to body language

Alexi Chidbachian

March 18, 2013

When Eric Lara walks into a room he can easily interpret how people are feeling and behaving through their body language and facial expressions. Lara, 28, is a graduate student in psychology. He sees the world through an extensive lens developed through his major. Psychology has affected Lara's...

Logic and the functionality of devices dominate perspective of mechanical engineering student

Logic and the functionality of devices dominate perspective of mechanical engineering student

Agnes Constante

March 11, 2013

  When Melissa Flores looks at bathroom stall doors, she doesn’t just see a door. “I see the bolts and hinges that hold the door in position and I think about all the x, y and z reaction forces that those parts need to exert in order for the door to stay stationary,” she said. At t...

Student promotes transgender awareness at CSUN

Student promotes transgender awareness at CSUN

John Saringo-Rodriguez

March 5, 2013

  Cadence Valentine is no wallflower. When it comes to transgender issues, she is a proactive advocate. By prioritizing, organizing and having the courage to persistently challenge the status quo, she brings about awareness and positive change. Valentine, a psychology major, and q...

CSUN music major remains clear-minded at all times to retain performance prowess

CSUN music major remains clear-minded at all times to retain performance prowess

Megan Diskin

March 4, 2013

  Sophomore music performance major Lindsey Eastham, 19, thinks that there are two states of mind in life: The first includes being stuck in the past and always planning for the future. The second involves approaching everything with a clear mind, immersing oneself in every experience. Eas...

Music enthusiast joins The Harmony Project after discovering her passion for the viola

Music enthusiast joins The Harmony Project after discovering her passion for the viola

Brian Andrade

February 10, 2013

Every day Kenya Alas, a sophomore majoring in music education, takes time to engage in what defines her: playing music. What is it about the study that she loves? “I enjoy it as a whole, every aspect: listening to the infinite varieties of music genres, playing orchestra with a group who s...

CSUN student fights for immigrant rights

Naomi Ogaldez

June 21, 2012

Born in, Morelia Michoacán, Mexico, 25-year-old CSUN student Juan Quevedo is undocumented – one of the many hurdles that he has encountered in his race of life. While some squandered their gifts and privileges of birth, Quevedo had to go the extra mile. Now he is striving to be an example for many gen...

A shallow savings account leads CSUN student to start his own skateboard company

Breanne Racano

June 16, 2012

In pursuit for an affordable and quality longboard, anthropology student Joe Silverstein turned to making his own. After discovering he really enjoyed making longboards, Silverstein started his own company, “Highland Longboards”. “I wanted to buy a higher quality longboard, but I didn’t have the money,” Silve...

CSUN Young Democrats president worries that Politcal Apathy is an epidemic

Ty Halen, 19 is a sophomore and the current president of CSUN Young Democrats. He has worked throughout much of his life on LGBT rights and issues. Photo courtesy of Daniel Corral

Jeffrey Zide

April 8, 2012

“If you’re trying to get into politics, don’t try to get involved to promote yourself because you’ll only be uncomfortable and make everyone else uncomfortable in the meanwhile. It is more important that you find a passion and go with that instead.” This is the advice that current CSUN Young ...

Student’s creative outlet leads to streetwear design

Fredy Tlatenchi

March 27, 2012

In the beginning, Jed Mitra only wanted to create graffiti. The 19-year-old CSUN freshman and graphic design major began designing shirts in middle school, a time when his friends were heavily into practicing the art. After a 100-hour community service stint for being caught tagging on public property, Mit...

Lernik Moses changes relationship between textbook sellers and buyers

Lernik Moses, VP of development in MACSUN, displays some of the books that CSUN students have contributed to the book exchange program. / Photo Illustration by Tenny Minassian

Tenny Minassian

February 26, 2012

Lernik Moses emigrated from Iran four years ago, leaving her parents and older brother behind to pursue her educational goals. Moses, 26, traveled to America in search of freedom and opportunities to make her dreams of becoming a businesswoman a reality. With her innovative business savvy, Moses developed the idea of a book exchange program with a target market of C...

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