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Student headed for the spotlight on stage

Ashley Soley-Cerro

April 11, 2011

Many people aren’t lucky enough to find their life-long passion as a child, but DeAnne Destler found just that at 6 years old when she discovered acting. Destler, 21, theatre major, said she first discovered acting after seeing a family friend in a play. Immediately awestruck, Destler convinced ...

Students protesting during Day of Action seek to educate others

Jessica Estrada

March 2, 2011

Students protesting hope to educate others about the budget cuts and the negative effects they are having on education. Brian De Guzman, 22, Asian American studies major and one of the student organizers, said there are people out on street corners trying to gather a bigger crowd. “This day...

Latin dance helps student cope with hardships

Jessica Estrada

February 15, 2011

Mia Jimenez’s passion for dancing began when she was six years old, however it wasn’t until recently that she found a way to connect that love for dance with her love for her culture. The 20-year-old junior, double majoring in Chicana/o studies and psychology said she is a proud Latina and Latin dancing makes her feel more in touch with her culture. Jimenez began taking sals...

The heat isn’t just killing us, it is killing the world

Aimee Lastrella

August 26, 2010

Admit it, you hate the heat. I do. I hate driving to campus with my legs sticky and stuck to the upholstery of my car.  I have the hugest pet peeve of seeing the pools of sweat that are visible on the backs of t-shirts. I hate the fact that walking from class to class, I’m sweating like I just did...

Mock brands modify fashion. Multimillion-dollar fashion industry competes with new rivals of the age.

Olga Govdyak

October 1, 2009

The consumer market overrules the fashion industry, leading designers to make their garments based on their demands. Although hundreds upon thousands of dollars are invested into fashion week annually, new couture and fashion trends are not selling to the mass buyers. As the recession deepens and ...

Let’s trim the fat. The price of health care could go down if we live a healthier lifestyle

Madeline Wolff 

September 29, 2009

While reading through the Daily Sundial Web site, I came across an article that got me thinking. “Green Paper or Green Thumbs?” is a piece that proposes a solution for obesity, at least on our campus. What caught my eye, however, were the staggering statistics cited and it led me to do some of m...

It’s not going to fix itself. The problems we face as students can be dealt with if we speak up

Amber Starling

September 23, 2009

Walking across campus on Tuesday, students were crowding around the sorority and fraternity tables. Diligent efforts to raise money and get students to join their organizations were in full swing while people laughed and conversed with a sense of joy. Something was missing. Concern.  To my dismay there...

Tips: Reduce Your Expenses and/or Seek a Debt Management Counselor

Jacky Guerrero

December 12, 2008

For Debt Management Counseling call: Gregorio Alcantar, Financial Aid Counseling email: call: 818 677-4085 He is just one of many counselors on campus who can help you with your questions or concerns Here are a few more tips that will help you reduce your expenses. Stop using...

Debt. Whose fault is it?

Jacky Guerrero

December 10, 2008

As a college student I know that the money I earn combined with the little money I get back from financial aid is barely enough to support my lifestyle, which by the way is not grand. After a few very bad experiences with over drafting, credit card payments, and loans, I feel that I have learned my lesson...

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