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How to enjoy your spring break on a budget


March 29, 2011

By Gayane Jerome After the last paper has been turned in and the midterms are over, most students are ready for spring break, a time when they can relax and have some fun. But for many students the fear of going broke is the reality, which prevents them from having a good time during the break. Is it possible to have fun and mind your budget at the ...

Best travel spots in California

Marina D. Sandoval

March 29, 2011

Since California is surrounded by beautiful cities, mountains and beaches, any one of these locations can be a prime destination for spring break. Depending on your interest, here are five destinations that range from soaking up the sun, floating down the river to hiking through a desert. Kern River V...

Simple tips to finance travel abroad

Nikki Erinakis

March 29, 2011

Students can gain an overall cultural experience by traveling abroad. There is the potential to meet new people, gain new interests and learn about a new community. Traveling abroad can be expensive for students who do not have a stable income, but there are ways for students to alleviate the costs. The...

Bad travel experiences can yield interesting stories

Jessica Estrada

March 29, 2011

Some bad travel experiences can turn into funny stories to laugh about for years. Others can make you appreciate life a little more, as did freshman Zalina Abner’s travel experience. While riding the Antelope Valley train back home from visiting family the business and marketing major witnessed...

Couchsurfing website offers people a chance to travel and connect on the cheap

Steffanie Tate

March 28, 2011 melds travel and social media in a way that saves tourists money on accommodations while making new friends. The website allows people from all over the world to become members of the social networking site and to have interactive conversations about where they live or where they...

MEChA travels to Arizona to do political campaigning and see how the recent law is being enacted

Angela Melero

November 17, 2010

Members of the Chicana/o studies club, MEChA, traveled to Arizona for a weekend of political campaigning. Students including junior Omar Romero, communications major, campaigned for the congressional candidate for the Democratic party, Raul Grijalva. “I’m a hard-core democrat and wanted t...

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