CSUN professor accused of urinating on a colleague’s door gets extension

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The CSUN mathematics professor accused of urinating on a colleague’s door was granted a 30-day arraignment extension today in San Fernando Superior Court.

Mathematics professor Tihomir Petrov, 43, faces two misdemeanor counts of urinating in public.

“We’ve requested this extension in order to engage in informal discussion with the prosecutor and gather further evidence,” said Garret Weinrieb, one of the two defense attorneys.

Petrov was allegedly caught on surveillance camera urinating on an office door in Santa Susanna Hall.

“We will not be releasing the surveillance tape as it is evidence in the ongoing trial,” said  Carmen Ramos-Chandler, CSUN director of news and information.

Weinrieb said he and his co-counsel, Arvand Naderi, would explore this discovery during the 30-day extension.

“My client is a man of impeccable character,” Weinrieb said at a press conference following the hearing.  “We will vigorously defend him and he will be found innocent.”

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court’s website, misdemeanor crimes are punishable by a maximum fine of $1,000 and a maximum one year county jail term.

Petrov is not currently teaching at CSUN while a personnel investigation is conducted, Ramos-Chandler said.

Petrov did not appear in court.  His arraignment has been rescheduled for March 3 at the San Fernando Superior Courthouse, where he will enter his plea.

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  • Tihomir Petrov

    I know how this story got out. It was leaked.

    • Justin

      Good one! I remember you from when I was grad student at UCI. I think may have even been your teaching assistant for a term. Never would have guessed you for the revenge peeing type, but I guess you never can tell.

  • Margo Grace

    As a former student in the Mathematics Department – we all knew our deparment was dysfunctional, it’s just embarassing that the rest of the world now knows it. Including my best friend in Texas to sent me the link to the story in the Houston Chronicle.

    • Sam

      Did you learn to urine to the door of…… from CSUN Math professors when you graduated?

  • Dimakius

    Ha ha ha, lol

  • Jaedipus

    Top 10 reasons why Prof. Urinated on colleagues door
    10. He was testing the theory on aquatic equations.
    9. There wasn’t any snow around
    8. Who let my dogs out?
    7.In psychology the “P” is silent, just like the “P” in the swimming pool
    6. He doesn’t own a gun
    5. He forgot to knock
    4. He mistakenly thought the door was a tree
    3. The bathroom was occupied
    2.Wetting the bed is no fun anymore
    1. It;s the neighborly thing to do

    • Sara

      common Man!!!!
      All math professors at CSUN have mental problem!!!

  • John

    Please do not judge!!! Do we know how much he has been suffered/harassed by another math professor and as a result he became crazy of that situation.

  • ajedwardsjr

    There is something to be said about casting the first stone, Mr. Lopez. Also, there are classes that teach agreement between subject and verb. Perhaps you could take one…

    • Beth

      I am here to learn from you and school. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Beth

      I am here to learn from you and school. Thank you for your understanding.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Taylor/1606337197 Matthew Taylor


  • Beth

    We must see what was the reason that made him so ANGRY. May be the other part keep harassing him. Some professors at CSUN are crazy and deserve to be urinate.

    • Lopez

      Beth, I think you need to spend a little more time in class. Take a logic course, then review your reasoning and how you conclude that Mr. Petrov was justified in his actions. Take a writing course, there’s plenty of them in the English department.

      • Beth

        I would appreciate if you could explain about your comment to me. Since I am English learner, just 6 months at CSUN and CA

      • Beth

        I would appreciate if you could explain about your comment to me. Since I am English learner, just 6 months at CSUN and CA