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The Daily Sundial welcomes and encourages readers to comment on articles that state an opinion. We believe that fostering discussion between those expressing different points of view is important in upholding the freedoms of speech and the press, to which we are entitled. However, we do not allow comments on most News, Features, Arts & Entertainment and Sports articles because history has shown us that these articles typically attract comments that are not well thought out and often attack sources and well-researched facts. To learn more about our reasons, please read our Staff Editorial on the policy.

In any case we will publish your letter to the editor if it fits the following description: is a well thought-out opinion, provides additional information regarding an article, or a correction/clarification. Please email these to the editor in chief, at editor@csun.edu. These must include your full name (first and last), title (student, job), phone number, email and mailing address (these last three will not be published, but are needed in case we want to contact you with additional questions). Stories on controversial topics often attract many negative comments and personal attacks against others. We believe comments such as those can derail discussion of the issue at hand and block constructive dialogue. Thus, we reserve the right to delete any comment without prior notice. However, we also hold that comments expressing unpopular, under-represented or otherwise controversial viewpoints are equally protected under the First Amendment.

We may delete comments that:
  • Threaten, invite, or encourage violence.
  • Are derogatory of others on the basis of political affiliation, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual preference or disability.
  • Are fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or indecent.
  • Are posted by authors who or misidentify or misrepresent themselves.
Let it be clear that the Sundial does not endorse any of the comments made by non-staff members. Posting comments on www.dailysundial.com is a privilege, not a right. The Daily Sundial reserves the right to remove any comment or any persons commenting for any reason.
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