VPAC program lowers prices for students

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The Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC) will be giving out a number of discounted tickets to CSUN students for as low as $10 to support their student rush program, “Make Tracks to the VPAC.”

“Make Tracks to the VPAC is about encouraging the CSUN students, faculty and staff to regularly visit the VPAC ticket office to see world-class performances at the Valley Performing Arts Center. This ticket-pricing program is special because it prioritizes the CSUN community,” said David Mascarina, VPAC manager for new media and web communications.

Ticket pricing for premium events, which belong to a seasonal subscription package, can range from $70 to $25. Seasonal subscribers get the best seats for the best price. Non-subscription marquee events go for $55 to $15.

“Ordinarily, students with a CSUN ID may purchase single tickets at a 40 percent discount at the VPAC box office. But for select events,we will offer tickets for only $10 to make the program even more affordable to students, ” Mascarina said. CSUN faculty and staff are offered a 20-percent discount, and may purchase tickets starting at $15.

The first day for student rush prices was on Feb. 10, a day before the performance of “Ramsey Lewis with Nnenna Freelon,” which was scheduled for Feb.11 at 8 p.m.

The $10 student discounts will be available after this date for select performances, as long as tickets are purchased one day before. Students may purchase tickets on the same day of the performance, as well, but the availability and seat location is based on a first-come-first-served basis. There is no guarantee of how many tickets will be available for the program.

“Certain performances are obviously selling very well, so there is no guarantee that seats will always be available. There could be five left, or 100 left. Students should always check the ticket office a day before,” said Mascarina.

Student Rush pricing is also available to non-CSUN students, but their tickets cannot be purchased until one hour before the scheduled performances.

“We wanted to make sure CSUN students and faculty have priority over the other academic organizations, so they should definitely take advantage of these great deals,” Mascarina added.

The VPAC ticket office is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and they
can be contacted by phone at (818) 677-3000. For more information on performances, please visit the VPAC website at www. valleyperformingartscenter.org.

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