Master of Social Work educate others about human trafficking

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CSUN’s Master of Social Work (MSW) passed out pamphlets on domestic human trafficking Thursday, April 24th.

According to Natalie Tenenbaum, the graduating 2012 class of CSUN’s MSW “did an advocacy human trafficking project in order to have students aware. The pamphlets we provided stated some warning signs.”

The class of  consists of Natalie Tenenbaum, Jessica Garcia, Sylvia Mendoza, Vilma Culajay, Fiona George and Amalya Tagakchyan

When asked whether passing out the pamphlets were effective, Tenenbaum responded that “yes, we think it was. We handed them out to a lot of students. We handed out about 60 pamphlet. We emailed 318 of those pamphlets to CSUN students.” Tenenbaum said. “We are also hoping to have about 500 likes on our facebook page by May 3rd.”

Their facebook page “Protect Victims of Human Trafficking” has many resources on human trafficking.

According to their facebook page and Tenenbaum, “human trafficking is the fastest growing organized crime in the U.S., affecting up to 800,000 each year, most of whom are women or children.”

Masters of Social Work is a graduate-level social work education that offers students the opportunity to learn and develop strategies concerning different social settings and policies and promotes social advocacy. For more information on the MSW program and human trafficking visit their CSUN page.

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