Occupy returns to May Day

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A caravan of picketers, people’s-power cars and bikes swept Los Angeles’ financial district this afternoon in an organized demonstration marking the return of the Occupy L.A. movement.

The caravan, dubbed “4 Winds,” had paths spanning from the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western neighborhoods of Los Angeles, and was an attempt to shutdown the city in order to draw attention to the 99 percent.

At 2:30 p.m., the four paths convened at the intersection of 6th Street and Main Street.

A mass of participants then joined other rallies taking part in “May Day” demonstrations, according to the Occupy L.A. website.

“May Day” is the coined term for the coast-to-coast Occupy gatherings taking place throughout the day.

As the caravan disbursed, hundreds of demonstrators accompanied the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles in their assembly near Pershing square.

Police expected a flurry of arrests, but the day was met with little disturbance, according to an L.A.Now article.

Occupy L.A. organizers and supporters concluded the day’s efforts in a general assembly at Pershing Square at 7 p.m.

“We will show those who claim power, where the true power lies — in our dedication to talking with each other and empowering ourselves to solve our own problems, the problems of the 99 percent,” read the Occupy L.A. website in its promotion for “May Day.”

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  • VladLenin

    “Little disturbance”

    Except for the violent attacks on police officers, the attempted bridge bombing, and wide-spread destruction of private property.

    “Our dedication to talking to each other”

    Interestingly enough, when I’ve efforted to “talk to” Occupiers, including those on campus, my views(based on truth and facts) were deemed too dangerous for consumption. As Occupy presses for Free Speech, they’ve continually suppressed speech, that doesn’t comport to their Marxist-based ideology. God help, that a student might be confronted with information that requires him/her to think beyond the script laid out for him/her by his Liberal on-campus Advisers.

    Occupy “participants” are serving the interests of the Occupy “organizers”, based in South Chicago.

    “Useful Idiots”