New transit station proves imperative for some students

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CSUN has made a conscious effort to make commuting to the university easier with its new transit station. The CSUN transit station began operating in June 2012 and is located on Vincennes Street between Darby Avenue and Etiwanda Avenue.

Since the fall semester began, dozens of students can be seen loading on and off the buses and getting to their classes without the hassle of searching for a parking spot or paying for a parking pass.

“For a student, I know that books are going up, and the price of your tuition is going up,” said transportation coordinator Astrid Logan. “It makes economic sense to consider using transit, good economic sense.”

Undergraduate students with at least 12 units and graduate students with eight or more units can purchase a Metro pass for $36 per month.

CSUN’s transit station is currently comprised of four different bays: the first bay, located where the 741 Rapid stops, the second bay, located where the Metrolink shuttle stops, the third bay, located where the 167 Metro Line stops, and the fourth bay, used by the 787 Antelope Valley express bus.

According to Logan, CSUN is currently exploring the idea of inviting more transit agencies to use the university’s transit station in order to make commuting more convenient for people who live in other areas.

For information on how to purchase a student Metro pass, students can visit the Metro website. For information on CSUN’s new transit system, students and faculty can visit CSUN’s transportation website.

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