CSUN sorority fashion show raises money for orphans

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February 10th, 2013
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A model walks down the runway at the “Imagine: Runway to Relief” charity fundraiser. The Alpha Gamma Alpha sorority collaborated with the Society of Orphaned Armenian Relief to raise money for an orphanage in Armenia. Photo credit: Charlie Kaijo / Senior Photographer

In the fashion world, well-noted designers go big or go home. The sisters of the CSUN Alpha Gamma Alpha sorority took on that idea on when they hosted their first annual charity fashion show, Imagine Runway to Relief.

The show was a year-long process that finally made it’s debut Saturday February 9 at the Northridge center.

Alpha Gamma Alpha made it a goal to raise $10,000 to donate to the Society for Orphan Armenian Relief (SOAR). SOAR supports orphaned Armenian children all over the world.

Alpha Gamma Alpha philanthropy chair, Marine Piliposy, chose to work with SOAR because they directly handle the problems happening in other countries.

“The organizers travel to assess the situation, see what needs to be changed and pays to oversee the construction and make improvements. The money isn’t lost in the process,” saidn Piliposy.

CSUN’s chapter of Alpha Gamma Alpha prides themselves on connecting to Armenian culture and assisting with Armenian causes. They established an ongoing relationship with SOAR to help renovate a different orphanage every year.

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