SuperBowl XLVII Socia Media Recap – Beyonce, Blackouts and Baltimore

    Superbowl XLVII

    The 47th Superbowl as told by social media.

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    New Orleans hosts the 49ers vs. the Ravens at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
    Less than 24 hours until kickoff! #superbowl #xlvii #ravens Ravens
    ESPN encourages fans to pick their team.
    Retweet this image if you’re picking the San Francisco @49ers to win the #SuperBowl.
    Retweet this image if you’re picking the Baltimore @Ravens to win the #SuperBowl.

    Pre Game

    Sandy Hook Elementary sings “America the Beautiful” 
    RT @Saints: The chorus from Sandy Hook Elementary singing "America the Beautiful" via CBS #SB47 #Newton Ridenour
    Alicia Keys ready for the National Anthem
    Almost ready to sing at the @Superbowl! Is this football appropriate? Heels are my version of cleets! ;-)#SB47 Keys
    Beautiful performance from Alicia Keys
    Alicia Keys Sang the Longest National Anthem in History at 2013 Super Bowl?
    Congrats to everyone that won a pizza during the coin toss. 
    Woo, I won a free pizza from Papa John’s by voting heads on the coin toss for the Superbowl. Now if only I had a… Lewin
    Won a free pizza for guessing the coin toss result #SuperBowlLaura Ashley
    I won a free Papa Johns pizza off the #SuperBowl coin
    Was the coin toss heads or tails? #SuperBowlJana Hatcher
    So was the Coin Toss Heads or Tails? #GetGlue @SuperBowlSchofield Al
    Aye what was the coin toss? I wanna know if I got a free pie #PapaJohns #SuperBowlDumpster Diver
    Of course, some of you might have missed it, Ravens won the toss and deferred to the 49ers.
    Ravens won the coin toss. Ravens win the game. Sorry that’s just the way it goes. #SuperBowlCraig Smith

    The Game

    Ravens took the lead in the 1st half.
    Baltimore Strikes First. Flacco -> Boldin 15 yd TD (John DePetro/SI) #SB47sportsillustrated
    That’s so Ravens.Ryan Seacrest
    Flacco -> Pitta, 14-3 #Ravens (John DePetro/SI) #sb47sportsillustrated
    Here’s a GIF of that tremendous Jacoby Jones TD reception in which he burns Chris Culliver Sports
    "Fake field goals are so stupid when they don’t work" – SI’s Michael Rosenberg (John DePetro/SI) #SB47sportsillustrated
    HALF: @Ravens 21, @49ers 6 #SB47 #BALvsSFNFL

    Beyonce turned up the music in Pepsi Halftime Show.

    #best #halftime #show #ever #beyonce #killed #it #money well spentJessica
    Amazing!!!!! #beyonce #majorgirlcrush #perfectionAshley Agresta
    Kelly and Michelle joined Beyonce for a surprise Destiny’s Child reunion performance.
    Destiny’s Child back together!trustthatiknow
    RT @Saints: Destiny’s Child reunites during the #SB47 halftime show in the @MBSuperdome! #SB47 #NOLAAllison Adaway
    Not everyone was satisfied though and internet fans called out for a Spongebob performance.
    No Superbowl halftime show will ever surpass this. Cat

    Ravens continued their lead in the 2nd half with a 109 yard kick-off return run.

    PHOTO: Ravens lead 28-6 after Jacoby Jones’ 109-yard kickoff return. Game pics: | Baltimore Sun
    Jacoby Jones’ 109-yd TD return ties for the longest play in NFL history. (longest kick return ever) #SB47SportsCenter
    Then the lights went out.
    Apparently the Super Dome wasn’t ready for that jelly #BlackoutBowl #superbowlPop Market Music
    #meanwhile #superbowl #49ers #ravens #poweroutage?a?u?l?a? ?a?l??e?i?r?a?
    Some called foul play…
    Ahaha Exactly how I’m Feeling Right now ..!!@iRespectWomenYa: #superbowlblackout #Blackoutbowl… Raphael BleAu
    Others blamed someone else…
    And now we wait for Bane to show up. #Bane #SuperBowl #BlackOut #BatmanCheyenne Nottke
    RT @bylindsayhjones: Another black out panorama from near the top of the stadium #sb47 #blackout Nelson
    Power Outage at #SB47 (John DePetro/SI)sportsillustrated
    Oreo responded quick with clever marketing.
    Who wins #SB47? @Oreo wins! That is all! | “@Oreo: Power out? No problem.”Ryan Sanders
    Electric guy, you had ONE job #superbowl #BlackoutBowl #NFLmemePaul Zenak
    Hehe somebody comedy for making this! #SweetBrown #Repost #Superbowlbella_jean91
    Better use of power outage: Ravens huddling up or 49ers milling about? #sb47 Cooper
    "So… You guys seen any good movies lately?" (@MattBean /SI) #SB47sportsillustrated
    #Blackoutbowl trends on twitter and fake account @SuperbowlLights gains a huge following.
    Seriously? This account is less than a half hour old and over 11k followers? #merica #sb47
    Twitter won’t be this live again for a while. #blackoutbowlTRAVIS ( no porter)
    100 million people are all watching some lights slowly turn on and sports commentators give us the play by play #onlyinamerica #superbowl47Anthony Avino
    As the Blackout dragged on, the jokes just kept coming.
    Chill guys. George W Bush will be here to fix the lights in a week and a half. . #superbowl47”Will Ferrell
    Resuming play — thank goodness. It was getting awkward listening to these commentators try to fill 34 minutes. #gaybowlXLVII #superbowl47The Advocate
    After over a half-hour the game final resumed and the 49ers offense made some serious gains.
    If the 49ers come back and win this thing we call it the #BlackOutBowl and Disney makes a movie about it. Come on 49ers!!Philip DeFranco
    RT @Travon: Destiny’s Child came back and now the Niners are following suit. #SuperbowlJay McCord
    Welcome to the superbowl Niners. Glad you showed up finally.josh stern
    Another touchdown for the 49ers, Wow #SuperBowl47Dhanjay
    The 49er comeback wasn’t enough, Ravens won.
    Ravens hold off furious comeback by 49ers to win Super Bowl XLVII, 34-31. Ray Lewis’ last ride ends in a championship.
    Did the ravens win or something? Miner
    RT @Snoopy: And the #Ravens win!! #SuperBowl47 Taylor
    RT @alabamACapital: RAVENS beat the Super Dome LIGHTS and win the game. #SuperBowlChamps Landa

    Joe Flacco named MVP.

    Baltimore @Ravens QB Joe Flacco is your #SB47 MVP: