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woman sits on recliner with racks of shoes behind her

A Queen and a Soldier

Madeline Martinez speaks on balancing her gender identity while serving in the military.
retro photo of two people siting in the floor with keyboards

Future Holotape: A dive into their music

Future Holotape is a synthwave/cyberpunk band that is channeling music from the past with the addition of a futuristic vibe. One of the members is a CSUN student.
blue and light red poster for Sol Fest

AS prepares for first Sol Fest

CSUN Associated Students will be hosting its first ever Sol Fest.
woman dressed in red and green traditional Persian dance wear

Carnaval celebrates global diversity

CSUN celebrates diversity with 21st annual Carnaval.
person holds poster reading Dreamer in black lettering

A dreamer’s dream left uncertain

The DACA update on Feb. 26 lifted the Trump administrations March 5 deadline for DACA renewals. The answer to whether DACA will uphold in 2018 is still unknown.
red and black banner inside bookstore reading Welcome to Gradfest

Excitement as graduation dawns on CSUN seniors

GradFest fills air with emotion from graduating seniors
man focused while looking into a microscope

Club encourages diversity in STEM

QueerSTEM club promotes minority involvement
protestors hold I am Undocumented Unafraid Unapologetic banner

DACA update leaves lingering uncertainty for dreamers

During his freshman year of high school he traveled to the US from his home in South Korea on a visa. He took the...
plaque reading High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

The 2 sides of smoking marijuana on campus

Despite new law, marijuana is still illegal on campus
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