The other woman: Female empowerment in infidelity

Illustration shows man with his arm around one girl and secretly holding hands with another girl
Infidelities, affairs, being the other woman or "side chick"; it's all the same thing but with a different label. However, should it be unacceptable or female empowering?

Matador threads: Stories behind Matadors’ attire

girl pictured wearing a grey, knitted dress with a denim jacket and orange sandals
Here are some trending threads for the fall.

Pride Center Hosts Social Justice Activist During Bisexuality Awareness Week

woman pictured wearing purple shirt with a blue cardigan
Dr. Tania Israel debunked a few myths and informed students surrounding bisexuality

Book review: “Between the World and Me”

Illustration shows a man wearing a black shirt and the words, "Between the world and me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Students in University 100 are assigned Ta-Nehisi Coates' 'Between the World and Me,' a breath-taking introspection of what it means to be black in America.

Winners of the 69th Primetime Emmy awards

Man and woman pictured next to eachother holding their emmy awards
The 69th Primetime Emmy awards made progressive history for many actors this weekend.

Weekly Picks: Live comedy, Levi Ponce art, Football games, and more

Blonde woman with short hair pictured sitting at a bar
ExpressionsWednesday, September 20Three Wednesday’s this semester the Pub Sports Grill in the USU is hosting a free open mic night! Bring your favorite poems,...

Opening Reception for “Cuba Is” Exhibit at the Annenberg Space for...

Large group of people pictured on a rooftop chatting and drinking
Opening Reception for "Cuba Is" Exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography

Activist Bree Newsome delivers ‘awakening’ speech

girl wearing a bright red dress and large earrings stands at the podium
Bree Newsome's speech, delivered at Plaza del Sol, may seem liberating but it was also met with opposition.

Beauty on a Budget: Glam Bags and Beauty Boxes Edition

illustration shows a woman putting blush on
Providing affordable makeup alternatives for people "Ballin' on a Budget"

Auditions for the 16th Annual Student Showcase preview

woman pictured wearing a beige and black dress that is short in the front and long in the back
CSUN students get ready to show off their talents

Students receive a ticket discount for Halloween Horror Nights

universal studios entrance pictured crowded with people
Associated Students hosts Spirit Night at Universal Studios

Weekly Picks: Karaoke Nights, Track & Field, Titanic, Oasis Wellness Center...

ferris wheel pictured surrounded by people at twilight
Titanic, Running, Food, Wellness, Anime, Military Women and Karaoke!