Meet upcoming CSUN rapper Metaphaurus

Metapharus pictured performing on stage
CSUN alumni is building a fan-base with his style; combining 90s beats with a modern tweak

1&1: Creating a new kind of college parties

man pictured carrying a bag with donations for salvation army
Q&A with Langston Ennin, creator of 1&1, and his newest project: donation-based parties in college campuses

Self-published student writes fictional e-book on Bangladeshi culture

Karim pictured explaining his book, "the Great Bangladesh Romantic Comedy"
Information Systems major, Fahim Karim, shared his experience in self-publishing and his newest e-book now available on Amazon.

Weekly Picks: Mother’s Day events, L.A. Times Night Market and craft...

people pictured riding a large circular swing at the fair
Other events include a garden tour, a symphony and helping students get through finals.

Art department showcases work by graduate students

art piece shows connected hexagons with stained glass in the center
The exhibit featured a variety of pieces in different media.

Renovated Black House expands for the African American community

Wilson speaks to a large audience of visitors in the Black House
The Department of Africana Studies hosted a soft opening of the newly renovated Black House on May 4.

Alumni create video game-based press

Altman and Cardenas sit at a desk filled with video game accessories and a card that says, "what your teachers are playing"
Select Start Press focuses on examining video games in a scholarly fashion.

Weekly picks: Cinco de Mayo event, comedy show and pottery

women participate in traditional mexican dance
Other events include a library discussion and crafting.

Art programs potentially threatened under Trump administration

donald trump and betsey devos shakes hands with students and teachers in a classroom
Many fear the arts may be cut to focus on subjects such as math.

Mexican rock band, DLD, conquers American audiences

Mexican rock band members pictured, three men in their mid-thirties wearing matching navy blue and white oufits
DLD is one of the most important rock bands at the moment. Catch them live at The Roxy on May 31.

‘Man of La Mancha’ views humanity through eyes of playwright

Man wears armor along with some fake facial hair to play Don Quixote
'Man of La Mancha' will be performed at the VPAC four times in May.

CSUN students participate in Denim Day

gender and women's studies majors pose with signs that say "every 98 seconds another americanis sexually assaulted" and "real men don't rape"
Students show support to sexual assault survivors by wearing jeans on Denim Day.