Professors content with salary increase but say more can be done

Both students and professors express mixed feelings about salary increase.

Building the blocks to stop genocide

Figuring out how to stop mass atrocities

Campus Town Hall highlights and Harrison’s response to sanctuary school status

Cielito Thea Fernandez and Dianne Harrison pictured in the USU answering written questions
Harrison responds to the question, "why is CSUN not considered a sanctuary school?"

Standup to sexual assault

Anna Mendez and Andrea Gonzalez give a presentation to a small group of students
Don't stand by while it's happening right in front of you.

AS makes calls for state cash

Sevag Alexanian speaks at podium
AS hosts a phone banking event to fight potential tuition hike

Political correctness divides students on campus

CSUN campus pictured busy with students
Students reflect on whether people should be politically correct when speaking to others.

Crime Blotter for November 21-28

Crime blotter logo
Monday, Nov. 21A victim reported that her parking permit and some clothing were stolen from her vehicle. The victim isn't sure whether the crime...

Ohio State stabbing prompts conversation about safety on CSUN campus

Police stand outside of Ohio University
Students on campus discuss safety concerns in the wake of the Ohio State University incident.

CSUN 33rd Powwow brings awareness of American Indian culture to campus

Natvie Americans dance on the Oviatt Lawn
An annual celebration seeks to unite different tribes and celebrate traditions.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies at 90

Fedel Castro pictured
Castro leaves behind 32 years of presidency in the wake of his death.

Low student turn out at town hall meeting about tuition increase

Sevag Alexanian speaks at the podium
Town Hall attempts to offer students an opportunity to learn and voice concerns over a looming tuition increase.

Blue light emergency boxes not often used by campus community

Photo of blue emergency box at CSUN
Students say they're useful, but they've never used them