Give in to the madness

Oscar Areliz

It is once again March, the month of madness in sports. It is a month in which every university basketball team is fighting for an invitation to one of the biggest parties in sports. It is the month where everyone, all of a sudden, becomes an expert in “bracketology” and knows the weaknesses and strengths of every team (mainly thanks to ESPN). Predictions of the final four start flying and then arguments follow.

I must admit, I gave into the madness. There is so much March Madness mania that you can’t help but be swept up by it as well.

This is the month that shows how tough the top teams really are, and also how much heart the underdogs have.

The madness all begins with the conference championships, which gives the winner an automatic bid to the big dance.

Our very own CSUN men’s basketball team will be playing tonight in the Big West Tournament at the Anaheim Convention Center at 8:00 p.m. facing Pacific. The team may not be the next George Mason, but they have a chance to salvage its disappointing season.

The Matadors finished the season 14-16 overall, with a 5-9 conference record.

The team has shown flashes of good basketball, as they handed conference leader Long Beach State one of its two conference losses. CSUN has a chance to do something in this tournament and give their fans something to cheer about. They have a chance to redeem themselves of this season.

The Matadors last made the NCAA tournament in 2001. It is time they take part in the madness that is March. It has been too long. They are the underdogs. The only pressure they have is that which they put on themselves. CSUN should embrace its role as the underdog.

I have already given into March Madness. It’s up to the Matadors to get Northridge to give in.