The Life of a racing greyhound

The greyhound has a long history of being used as racing animals, dating back to ancient Egypt. Greyhound racing is still a popular sport today, with racetracks around the country being run similarly to horse racetracks. The lives of dogs in the races are very limited. But what happens after they are done with their careers is something that many people may not know. Sometimes they are given away for adoption, but not all the dogs are so lucky, and some have met with horrible fates. “The Homestretch” is a greyhound rescue and adoption organization located in Fillmore, Calif., managed by Barbara Davenport and Robert Smith. The couple receives greyhounds from different parts of the country, such as Arizona and Oklahoma. They take the dogs to their home and care for them until they can find the right parents. There are also racetracks such as the Phoenix Greyhound Park in Arizona that organize adoptions for the dogs. However, so many greyhounds are bred for racing that the breeders sometimes do not know what to do with them and tragedies occur.