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A.S. committee raises 2007-08 athletics recommendation

The Associated Students Finance Committee appropriated $1.47 million to CSUN athletics department after much debate at their weekly Monday meeting.

For the 2005-06 school year, the finance committee had recommended $2.1 million, which dropped to $1.47 million this year.

“The range between $1.47 million and $2.1 million is a reasonable allocation, but to dip below that would not be reasonable in my personal opinion,” General Manager David Crandall said.

“I think we need to remember we are students serving students,” said Lyla Askejian, a member of the finance committee representing the business and economics department.

“As Associated Students, we try to keep up school spirit by funding events on campus,” Askejian said, “but we have to remember that the sports teams are already there and trying to do the same thing.”

But not all committee members expressed the same outlook.

“Athletics is already receiving more than 30 percent of our annual budget,” Zabie Mansoory said. “I just don’t think it’s fair for other clubs and organizations to be under funded just so athletics gets $1.47 million.”

Mansoory then asked fellow members of the committee to consider whom the money is benefiting the most.

Assistant Director of Finance Joshua Hansen added, “The sports events are open to everyone. All students can go to the soccer game if they wanted to, but if my fraternity is holding an event, then that is usually only open to our fraternity.”

Crandall said the annual budget would be sent to CSUN President Jolene Koester for review once it is submitted to the Senate.

If Koester does not approve of the budget, she will send it back for changes.

Jim Palmer, another member of the committee, had originally expressed concern about the consequences of allocating $1 million to athletics. Palmer made a motion to reconsider that decision.

“(Koester) has (almost) never sent a budget back, but then again we have never cut a department’s budget by nearly 30 percent,” Crandall said.

Even so, Crandall encouraged committee members to make the decision based on what they felt strongly for, not on whether or not the budget will be sent back.

Director of Finance Adam Haverstock said he agreed with Crandall.

Committee members do not make recommendations for allocation to the Senate based on what they think will be approved, Haverstock said.

Rather, decisions are based on what they think is appropriate. This instance should be no different, he said.

Mansoory made several motions in an attempt to find a middle ground between what he said was the appropriate amount, $1 million, and the $1.47 million that other members of the committee felt was more appropriate.

Motions of $1.2 million, $1.23 million, $1.25 million and $1.3 million were all defeated.

Palmer motioned to keep the annual budget for the athletics department at $1.47 million, the department’s current budget. The motion passed 6-3.

The finance committee also met with several groups requesting allocations for their events and programs.

The Social Work Society requested $1,000 for their National Association of Social Work Political Action and Advocacy Conference.

Finance committee member Eric Whitney motioned to recommend $600 or no more than 50 percent of their travel costs.

The motion was passed unanimously by the only four voting members who remained at the meeting.

Ballet Folklorico Aztlan de CSUN requested $2,500 for costumes and printing expenses for their Folklor de Mexico performance.

Hansen motioned to allocate $1,400, the same amount the group received last year for this event. The motion passed 4-0.

The Order of the Bandersnatch requested $3,000 for the publication of their next issue. For their last issue they received $750, but they said the new issue includes more color pages and will be offered to CSUN students for free.

Committee member Matthew Zakhor motioned to recommend $2,000, but the motion failed with no second.

Hansen motioned to recommend $1,100. As only three voting members remained, the motion passed 3-0.

The Multicultural Psychology Association requested $2,818 for a leadership retreat event. The event would take place in Catalina. The remaining committee members showed concern that the retreat could be held on campus and cost less.

Zakhor motioned to direct the general manager to provide insurance for the trip but no other funds were recommended for allocation.

Linda Lewis of the history department requested $1,970 for her research trip to Natchez, Miss. The committee recommended $400 from the Academically Related Reserve Account.

Hansen also requested money, though he could not vote on its appropriation. He said he needed $3,900 for a film project he is producing for a CTVA 355 class, but could not participate in the discussion.

Whitney motioned to recommend $900 and Zakhor seconded the motion. The motion passed.

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