CSUN groups support charity concert

Jocelyn Swartz

Faith Jam ’07, a featured event of the Let My People Sing Festival, will be taking place tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Little Tokyo.

The event will bring together musical groups from around the world to perform as a benefit to stop genocide in Darfur.

Cal State Northridge groups and organizations, including Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Hillel and the Muslim Student Association, are sponsoring the event.

The Muslim group Junoon, Israeli rock band missFlag, the Taiko-drumming On Ensemble and the Christ Our Redeemer gospel choir are among the scheduled performers.

Other performers include Eric Schwartz, a Jewish rapper, and Maz Jobrani, a comedian who is in the cast of the ABC comedy “The Knights of Prosperity.”

“We are coming together in a cultural, spiritual event, as well as raising awareness of the genocide in Darfur,” said David Nauama, 22, president of Reason Media Group. “We are flying people in from around the world to play at this event.”

“I think that it is amazing. We can all get over our issues and all get involved,” said 21-year-old Nia Mabrie.

“I would definitely support the cause,” Mabrie added.

The event will have two purposes: Bringing a diverse group of people together and promoting the issue of genocide in Darfur.

The Darfur genocide conflict began in July 2003, the Coalition for International Justice Web site shows, and about 400,000 people have been killed. Most Darfur residents are Muslim.

“This one event pulls (in) everyone, combining all cultures together for one important cause,” Nauama said.

The Let my People Sing Festival once raised $100,000 in 30 minutes. The event is expected to surpass that record this year.

“The fact that we can put our issues and differences aside is amazing. We can all come together for one great cause,” Mabrie said. “Now that we are at war, we have to put everything aside and help other people.”