Greek funding takes center stage at committee meeting


At Monday’s Associated Students finance committee meeting, the organization’s financial situation was analyzed as student representatives considered funding requests.

As the Unallocated Reserves Account approaches empty, the committee seemed to behave cautiously in its recommendations.

One recommendation benefited a history course this semester that focuses on 1944’s Normandy invasion. Rob Shafer, representing the history department, requested $7,500 for the trip. Shafer, who has participated in the trip twice before, noted the benefits of the trip to France, saying that the trip allows scholars to “really delve into foreign culture.

“I’ve used the research that I’ve done there,” he said. “We’re representing CSUN while we do this. ? It’s a good way to help build foreign relations.”

In the committee’s deliberations, it was decided that the recommendation and request would be postponed for several weeks (the trip will not be held until June).

Phi Beta Delta, an international student organization, requested $3,000 from the Unallocated Reserves Account for an induction ceremony. Marta Lopez, who is assistant director for International Programs at CSUN, said that the ceremony “builds a bridge between our own students and international students.”

At the ceremony, between 20 and 30 students will be inducted into the organization. In the committee’s deliberations, $700 was recommended for the induction ceremony.

Recommendations were also made for marine biology graduate students to go to conferences later this year in St. Louis and Atlanta.

Lastly, two Greek-related recommendations were made.

Eric Whitney, a committee member who represents the College of Health and Human Development, took control with a request from Pi Kappa Phi, as Director of Finance Adam Haverstock’s involvement in the organization presented a conflict of interest. Pi Kappa Phi requested money for an event in Las Vegas on March 30, and the committee decided to recommend $220 for the event’s speaker, in addition to insurance funds.

Alpha Phi Alpha requested money for its Miss Black and Gold event. The event, which has proved popular in the past, had a total request of $3,712, but the committee ended up recommending $1,600 for the event.

The recommendations will go before the A.S. Senate on March 20.