Letter to the Editor


As soon as the Rec Center proposal was made public, I knew that the Sundial and MEChA would do everything in their power (sic). To no surprise at all, in the March 21 issue (which said Tuesday at the top, by the way… good job) there was an opinion piece opposing the center. In a show of the Sundial’s bias, they didn’t even run this editorial in the Opinion section, but put it in the Sports section, and didn’t tag it as an opinion piece at all! Everything in the piece is purported to be 100% factual, not the opinion of the author. What the hell kind of journalists are you?

Oscar Areliz writes that all the money being used for the recreation center should go to sports. But I don’t recall any editorial in the Sundial opposing AS’s recent move to cut funding for CSUN athletics by over $400,000. In fact, I recall that last semester, the Sundial encouraged CSUN students to vote against two referendums that would have helped athletics.

The article is closed with an absolutely vile and stupid statement, “give us something to cheer about and then we will fill up the Matadome.” It has to work the other way, Oscar. As long as attendance languishes, CSUN will be unable to land any big-time recruits that can push the basketball program in the right direction. Why would they want to play here when their fellow students don’t support them? Students need to show up at the games and be loud; then good players will be impressed and want to play at Northridge.

At least the USU is doing something to try and make CSUN a better place! What has Oscar Areliz done? The Sports page is an absolute joke and a failure, compared to what it was under Marcus Vanderberg when I first came to CSUN, or how it was when Ryan Denham was the Sundial’s Editor in Chief.

S. Crisp