Students need to appreciate guest speakers

Justin Satzman

CSUN is lucky enough to have one of the most diverse campuses in the country. We have people from not only many different areas of Los Angeles, but of the country and the world.

Because of the many different cultures that call CSUN their school, we are offered to learn about many different cultures, such as the role of women in Islam.

Islam is a big topic in America today. Many people are interested in the religion. Perhaps Islam is discussed so much because the majority of those that the U.S. is fighting is of Islamic faith.

But it’s important to understand that not all Muslims are radical, in fact a low number actually are. A majority of westerners do not understand the role of women in Islam, a majority of them just see them in the clothes that cover them and think they are their husbands’ property.

According to the article written in the Sundial about the event discussing women’s role in Islam, it only drew between 60 and 70 people. That is not enough, especially considering how important it is to be educated about Islam.

But too many times on this campus, students are unwilling to learn something new about another culture or another topic. I realize that, as students, we all do not have a lot of free time, but college is supposed to broaden our minds. I feel that sometimes the students at this college do not appreciate it.

There have been other guest speakers from other ethnicities that have come to this campus and received the same small crowd. What does this say to prominent guest speakers? We do not want to go to Cal State Northridge because no one will show up, is what it says to them.

I know people will always show up for Mel Gibson, but what about someone who is not a celebrity? They can teach you just as much as a celebrity. In fact, they could probably teach you more. Start going to more events with educated and intelligent guest speakers, not just ones you read about in People Magazine.