Agitating for amnesty

Katie Briggs

Music echoed through the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday as 15,000 people marched to demand a way for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. to become citizens. The protestors, holding “Amnesty Now” signs, danced and sang through the city, finally meeting together on 2nd Street, forming a sea of American flags waving in the air. All were gathered to show their disapproval of President George W. Bush’s latest visa proposal, which would grant illegal immigrants work visas but require them to return home and pay thousands of dollars to become legal U.S. residents. Many already in the United States have children that were born here and have no one to take care of their kids if they had to return home. Some immigrants have jobs here that pay so little they wouldn’t have enough money to apply for their visa if forced to return home. It is these and countless other human needs and issues that brought people together on Saturday to collectively say this new Bush plan just isn’t good enough.