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Associated Students’?? accounts to be replenished by high enrollment

Tuesday’s Associated Students Senate meeting had positive news on the financial front, as Director of Finance Adam Haverstock said that the excess enrollment funds would be voted on for availability next week.

“We are in the preliminary stages of receiving money from excess enrollment, so we won’t be at zero,” Haverstock said in reference to the financial actions on the agenda.

Haverstock claimed during the meeting that $4,481 was available in the unallocated reserves for the actions that were being voted on.

Later on, however, Haverstock gave conflicting information when he told the Sundial that only $2,667 was available in the unallocated reserves, which would have caused a deficit with the approval of all financial actions.

When questioned about discrepancies in the finances, Haverstock said that his numbers differed from the accounting office, due to reconsiderations for such as the Filipino American Student Association.

“Accounting didn’t know what to do with them,” Haverstock explained. “They saw them as new actions.”

When all issues were adjusted between accounting and finance, there was $6,581 available in the unallocated reserves, more than originally stated, and the academically related reserves account had $4,302. After allocations were made at the meeting, the current unallocated reserves account balance stands at $3,141.

All actions were approved with little discussion in the Senate except for funding for Islamic Awareness Week, which was postponed until the next Senate meeting. Members did not request any financial amendments to the actions set forth by the finance committee.

With the approval of all financial actions, there is $3,141 available, but with excess enrollment being voted on next week, the Senate could have another $89,000 available in the unallocated reserves until the end of the fiscal year.

With the excess enrollment coming in, Haverstock said, “there will be more than enough money to get through to June 30, which is the end of the fiscal year.”

Money left in that account at the end of the fiscal year will then be lumped together with money that is in the corporate reserves account, and will be split up evenly for the next fiscal year.

During the committee reports, the Chair of Academic Affairs, Edita Madatyan, brought forth the resolution to oppose the 10 percent student fee increase that is being proposed for the CSU system.

The resolution was passed unanimously, with the language stating that it is not the responsibility of the students to fix the financial problems within the CSU system.

University Affairs Chair Byron Baba discussed a number of action items that his committee is currently facing.

The committee is trying to implement a program called “eMatador,” which would be a book-trading program among students. Baba said the program was not embraced by the bookstore and is currently in test mode only.

“We’re not allowing it to the public for security reasons,” Baba said.

“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” an event to denounce violence against women, will be coming on April 28.

General Manager David Crandall informed the Senate of developments in health insurance for students, which 33 percent of CSUN students do not have.

“We have come to terms with a student health insurance provider,” he said.

Crandall encouraged write-in campaigns for the upcoming Senate race, and informed the Senate, “We have a horrible turnout of candidates in the Senate election, in my opinion.”

Crandall warned the senators and officers about speaking negatively of the competition and reminded them that their “credibility on campus is directly tied to the number of people who voted for you.”

Next year’s preliminary budget is ready for review, Haverstock said, and senators have two weeks to request any amendments.

Director of Legislative Affairs Steven Vanover gave the Senate documents regarding bills in the state senate that would potentially repeal in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and their children.

“These two bills would eliminate the California Dream Act. If this is eliminated, it would force those students to pay out-of-state tuition,” Vanover said.

He also informed the Senate that a tentative agreement had been reached between the CFA and CSU salary contract negotiations.

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