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Daily Sundial

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Top ten reasons to enjoy porn

Porno movies are great because of so many reasons. The first and the most important reason to watch porn is because it puts you in the mood. It is healthy to watch porn before having sex. The second reason is that porno movies can give you great ideas about different positions.

The third is that the porno movie can be used for foreplay. The positions that are in the movies can help you and your partner experiment. There are more ways to have sex besides the missionary and doggie style positions. Porno movies are good to watch because it can help sexually arouse you.

A fourth reason why porn is fun to watch is the dialogue. I know a lot of people think that the dialogue and acting in porno movies suck, but it’s actually very comical. A lot of the porno movies have taken names of movies that are already out and have done a parody of the movies in the form of a porno.

The fifth reason is that porno movies practice safe sex. The male always has a condom on, which will help cue your partner to put one on. The sixth reason is that porn movies are good examples of what you should and should not do. Porn typically starts with the bad acting and cheap costumes followed by oral pleasure given by either the man or woman.

The seventh reason is that if you are having sex while porn is on you could plan to simultaneously have an orgasm with the people in the film Porn can help an insecure person not feel alone during sex.

The eighth and ninth reasons tie together because they emphasizes the importance of women watching porn. Women should watch porn to check out the porno women. Seeing those women and their horrible boob jobs and some what distorted bodies might help a woman decide not to want to go into the porno industry.

More importantly seeing those horrible boob jobs could keep women from getting breast implants. Many of the porno women are not as glamorous as men think they are. If more women watch porno movies especially with their boyfriends they can see what their men are looking at.

Girls will realize that the women of porn are not that good looking. Men for some reason fanaticize about the women in the porno movies, but I can assure you that you probably look better than them.

It’s good to watch porn with your boyfriend, because not only will you be aroused, but it will turn him on that you’re interested. Don’t complain the whole time, because its just a downer and he’ll never let you in to his world of porno watching again.

Finally watching porn is good for your relationship. It may be true that men want sex more than women, but watching porn can turn your girlfriend on. Porn will make you horny whether you want it to or not. Especially the hard core porn. The soft porn is not as exciting because it doesn’t show as much.

The best way to go about purchasing porn or watching it would be to go to a sex shop and purchase a DVD. Usually the DVDs are a little expensive but there are several short clips in the porn, and it will help make your sexual experience with whomever you’re with last longer.

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