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A.S. account rejuvenated by $89,244 in excess enrollment fees

After a moment of silence was observed by all members of the Associated Students Senate and gallery for the victims in the Virginia Tech shooting, excess enrollment funds was the first item up for discussion in the Senate meeting on Tuesday, as it increased the coffers of Unallocated Reserves by $89,244.

When asked how the funding becomes available from excess enrollment, Director of Finance Adam Haverstock said that the university gives the projected enrollment, and the finance committee subtracts 1,000 students’ fees so that they don’t potentially go over the budget.

In regard to the timing of the excess enrollment money coming in when the reserves were nearly depleted, Haverstock felt that General Manager David Crandall may have assisted in that due to the fact that “we were spending money faster.”

President Adam Salgado brought the action item up in the president’s report, in which a total of $193,794 was approved by the senate for acceptance into the annual budget. This increased the available funds in the Unallocated Reserves to $92,385 available before any current action items were considered.

A heated debate took place while the senate was debating action items that were presented by Haverstock. Sens. Joe Yomtoubian and Norma Aceves both pushed for increased funding for CSUN Chabad, which the finance committee had recommended a $650 allocation for an upcoming lecture. Sens. Byron Baba and Sarem Habib both questioned why there was a need for increased funding, and Haverstock informed the Senate, “I just want to state that we were in the know on the excess enrollment when we made this recommendation.”

In reference to the action that was up for discussion, Vice President Sarah Jackson said, “In light of our recent acceptance, I don’t think our financial situation is of concern anymore.”

Baba asked that the Senate keep things within reason regarding the allocation, which at one point was amended to be increased by $700 to a total of $1,350.

The action was approved for an increase to $1,200, but before the final vote, Habib cautioned the Senate that the increase in available funds “doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be fiscally responsible.”

With all actions approved, there is a total of $90,289 available in unallocated reserves and $2,590 available in the academically related reserves until the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30.

Haverstock also submitted a balanced budget for all senators to review and submit amendments in regard to what was allocated. Later, Haverstock stated that athletics was a large portion of the budget. Many programs had to be cut to allow for the large budget for athletics and he said, “We had to cut $150,000 from clubs and organizations because we had to pay for athletics.”

The presidential debates were a point of contention for senators and the general public alike during open forum. Aceves said, “I felt a lot of the questions either weren’t said or addressed.”

Baba said that a formal complaint would be filed against the Sundial as well as against the slate “Vote for P.E.D.R.O.” for the opinion piece that was printed in place of her being at the presidential debates.

During his report, Director of Elections Leonard Wong responded to the students who complained about the debates that were held. “I did my best to keep it as fair and as even for everyone,” he said.

University Adviser Tom Piernik addressed the tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech, and said, “Those of us in faculty cannot but help see it through the lens of what if it were happening here.”

Salgado brought forth a legislative referral to draft a letter of condolence and support for Virginia Tech after Monday’s shooting that ended in the death of 33 people, including the shooter.

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