Students to explore career options at Majors Fair

Majors Fair poster

photo courtesy of Majors Fair

Kate Haggard

Students who are interested in learning more about undergraduate majors and minors can attend CSUN’s Majors Fair 2016 on Wed., March 30 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Matador Square.

Hector Carrillo, the event coordinator, says each department on campus will be represented at the event.

Carrillo also added that the event is held annually every spring semester on campus.

“It’s been around since I started here in 97’,” said Carrillo.

The overall goal of the event is to reach as many students as possible and to help students feel confident in their decisions of a major or minor.

The event is specifically geared toward undergraduates and undecided students, but all are welcome to attend. An American Sign Language interpreter will be available.

Students will have the opportunity to browse the different departments on campus during the free event, and learn about what each department studies and offers for students.

Carrillo added that both advisors and faculty will be at the event to help students with any questions or inquires about a certain department, major, or minor.

Raffles will be held throughout Fair, however, students must visit a few of the tables first in order to participate in the raffles.

This year one of the prizes will be an iPod. Others prizes will include a Best Buy gift card, and a bookstore gift card.

The theme of the event for 2016 is Star Wars, so there will also be Star Wars related prizes like t-shirts and other trinkets, Carrillo added.

“We try to use current pop culture to relate to students,” said Carrillo. Last year’s theme was The Game of Thrones.

Themes for the event are geared toward the students to grab their attention and participation.

The Majors Fair has always been a hit at CSUN according to Carrillo. He said on average the event gets about 500-800 students in attendance and is a hit among students, staff and faculty.

For more information, refer to the flyer on the Majors Fair website.