Flasher seen twice at CSUN parking structures

Katie Sheehy

A crime alert has been issued by the Univer sity Police Department regarding a suspect in the B-3 and B-5 parking structures who has exposed himself to students on multiple occasions.

The suspect exposed himself to one person twice while in the B-3 parking structure. The second time he exposed himself the female chased after him.

“The second time it happened, I ran after him to take a picture with my cell phone,” she said.

The suspect, according to the witness, was wearing a blue baseball cap, a blue T-shirt and light blue jeans both times the witness saw him.

The witness said that she now fears parking in those structures because she doesn’t know what else he could do. She says she is telling all of her friends and classmates that there is a possible flasher/predator in the parking structures.

“I don’t feel safe going to school. I don’t want to park at that structure, but it’s the closest structure to my classes,” she said. She felt that the police should put fliers up to warn other students.

People are encouraged to contact the University Police Department immediately if they see any suspicious behavior at 818-677-3826 or the “We Tip” Hotline at 818-576-1068.