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Haverstock elected A.S. president for 2007-08

Associated Students Director of Finance Adam Haverstock was elected A.S. president for the 2007-08 school year in a run-off election that took place Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to Director of Elections Leonard Wong, Haverstock secured 55.78 percent of the vote with 507 votes. His opponent, current A.S. President Adam Salgado, received 402 votes.

The run-off election took place Tuesday and Wednesday, but the majority of the student body did not appear to notice as they went to classes or other parts of the campus, bypassing the candidates and their street teams.

Students who did take the time to vote often expressed a lack of knowledge about the platforms of Salgado and Haverstock.

Yokei Otomo, an international student, said he did not know anything about either candidate. He said, pointing at Haverstock’s flier for the Students First slate, “I was going to vote for these girls.”

Haverstock and his running mate, Josh Hansen, were out at the Matador Quad on Wednesday, handing out fliers to students who walked by and encouraging them to vote.

When asked about his chances, Haverstock responded that he wasn’t thinking about the end result of the election, and said, “I always like to think of myself as the underdog because it helps me maintain my motivation.”

Salgado was not on campus at the time of an interview with the Sundial, but said he has been using a street team of seven people to help him get his slate’s information out to the public.

“We’ve been talking to people, telling people they should vote for us. I would say eight out of 10 people were responsive,” he said.

Director of Elections Leonard Wong said over 1 percent of the student population, or more than 340 students, had voted by the middle of the day Wednesday.

“There is always a decline in votes for the run-offs,” he said.

Golreese Nazarizadeh, a sophomore business major, said she voted for Haverstock because he reached out to her. She said she was not aware of or involved in the politics on campus, but said Haverstock “seemed like a really nice guy.”

Josh Hansen, the vice presidential candidate for Students First, said he felt that the turnout and response from the public has been positive.

“I think we’re campaigning harder than the other candidate, and I think it’s showing,” he said.

Some students were given other incentives to vote, such as Wendy Anchila.

“They’re giving credit in class to vote, so I wanted the credit. I haven’t really received any information about anything,” she said.

Wong said he felt that students had many reasons for not taking the time to vote. Of the students who do not vote, he said, “I think they have so much other stuff going on in their lives, they don’t worry about this. They just don’t feel government is such a big part of their lives.”

Haverstock said that the second day of the voting had not achieved the same results and responses as the first day.

“Honestly, today, the last day of the run-off, has been like pulling teeth. I don’t know what it is, they just don’t seem interested in voting,” he said.

Salgado said he had to be pro-active in regard to getting the attention of students. “You have to have the courage to ask people to vote for you when you could be shot down,” he said.

Wong said that there had not many complaints on behalf of either of the candidates, and that all complaints had been handled informally.

“We haven’t seen any violations that would change the outcome of voting,” he said.

The results will come from a small population of people, according to Wong. “A lot of it comes down to political efficacy – ‘Is my vote going to make a difference?’ With such a low population voting, it makes a big difference.”

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