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Senators’ generosity in full force with newfound money

The senators were in generous moods at the Associated Students’ Senate meeting on Tuesday as financial allocations were more than doubled for some student requests.

With the Unallocated Reserves recently replenished, senators proposed more funding and agreed on the amendments for proposed requests from Julia Schlosser for a conference in Tasmania, Australia, and Atesha Jones, who will be attending the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

Both students originally requested the maximum allocations from the Academically Related Reserves Account, but Director of Finance Adam Haverstock informed the members of the Senate that they could increase the allocations with supplemental funding from the Unallocated Reserves.

“You can allocate as much as you want from wherever,” Haverstock told the Senate.

The Academically Related Reserves Account, according to Haverstock, has been decreasing steadily each year, and had only $3,330 before the financial actions were approved.

“We’ve never been this low in ARRA before. We normally spend around $5,000 more than we receive in student fees each year,” Haverstock said.

With all actions having been approved, there is $1,330 available for academically-related requests until June 30, which is the end of the fiscal year.

Unallocated Reserves had a total of $89,289 available before the Senate voted on financial actions, and with everything being passed along with additional funding, the account now has $87,989.

A special meeting was called for an allocation for the African Student Organization and A.S. Student Productions and Campus Entertainment. The request of $3,000 from the Unallocated Reserves will be used for an event on Saturday to thank the CSUN community for helping in the Niger Hunger Drive, according to ASO President Marvin Boateng. The action was approved by all members of the Senate.

“This Saturday is a token of appreciation to CSUN for their support. Students have been very responsive to our cause,” Boateng said.

All amendments for the upcoming Annual Budget were given to the Senate, and many of the proposed amendments appeared to be repeats, but Haverstock said, “It didn’t represent the same request in my mind.”

General Manager David Crandall informed the Senate that both he and Haverstock had an oversight in not requiring each proposed amendment to have two senators’ signatures on it. There were 20 amendments, and each amendment will be decided in next week’s Senate meeting.

Crandall also advised the senators to make fiscally responsible amendments for the upcoming budget.

“Make sure you haven’t put in for more than the club or organization requested,” he said.

Chief of Police Anne Glavin gave a presentation and answered questions from the Senate regarding the recent Virginia Tech shootings and the preparations that are in place in the event of a similar situation at CSUN.

“Your police department on this campus is trained to deal with these situations,” Glavin said.

She also said that the common number of police for a campus should be a ratio of one officer per every 1,000 students.

“We have 27 officers, I’ll let you do the math,” she said.

She stated that “people of concern” are assessed by the police department on a continuous basis, and told the Senate: “These types of incidents don’t happen out of the blue. You look back on their history, and there are red flags in their behavior.”

Attorney General Pablo Murillo informed the Senate that Tuesday’s meeting was the deadline for all clubs and organizations to be on the judicial court agenda. “These are the only ones that will be re-chartered for next year,” he said.

Director of Legislative Affairs Steven Vanover told the Senate that the U.S. Department of Education could be under investigation by Congress in relation to a probe regarding textbooks.

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