Hashish Punk, a trio of do-it-yourself musicians

Liana Aghajanian

With their unique sound, energetic personalities and international appeal, Hashish Punk, hailing from Argentina, are trying to earn their place in the music industry.

Performing in English, Spanish and Armenian, Juan Abajian, Levon Hassassian and Ernesto Vaneskeheian have been crunching out pop- and punk-rock inspired melodies since 2000. Their self-titled debut, which took them three years to release, has gained attention and attracted many fans on their MySpace music page, prompting the band to sell their albums on the Web site.

Hashish Punk’s appeal does not end at the Argentinean border. They mix their Argentinean upbringing with their Armenian roots and influences like Green Day and the Ramones. “My Hashish,” in which they sing, “Yes eem Hayasdaneen, amen eench seeretzee/Yerp beedee veratarnam Mayr Hayrenik,” translates to “I have loved everything about my Armenia. When will I return to the motherland?”

Hashish Punk’s sound takes a lot of getting used to, though this is not necessarily their downfall. With the highly potent and infectious sound and their use of such instruments as the accordion on tracks like “Labbarah,” this power trio’s freshman effort will make you want to dance like no one is watching, even if you don’t necessarily understand the lyrics.