Letter to the editor


I am responding to the article “Global warming a threat to the world.” It just simply seems that no one is giving terrorism or even the threat of Putin resurrecting Russia back to its Soviet self is not a major concern. But to suggest global warming is a greater threat than this?

Now I care about the environment as much as the next person does, but I think the global warming movement seems to be a global alarmist movement. I have noticed the author of the article has praised the likes of Al Gore, but has failed to suggest how Gore has a large estate, even larger than President Bush’s, and it is quite a lot less eco-friendly as it uses up a lot of electricity, more than most of those who would believe his rhetoric about global warming being a threat.

What I also see is a double-standard in the fact that Al Gore is receiving not just a mere Oscar, but an International Emmy at the same time. Gore has a large mansion and often flies on jet planes where the condemned gas, carbon dioxide, to have caused ozone depletion is being used more in these sort of vehicles than in cars. Yet Gore is still going to receive the International Emmy along with retaining his Oscar award. But what does one suspect from the same sort of crowd that has attacked President Bush on Iraq and Afghanistan? Liberating over 50 million people and attempting to place two humane governments in their place does not deserve Bush to receive an Oscar or an International Emmy, but with the likes of Al Gore who has a large mansion and often flies on jet fueled planes does get an Oscar or an International Emmy? Now while I do not support Bush anymore, I do still see this sort of issue with Gore being promoted in this manner to be hypocritical.

It seems it’s okay for the same crowd of people to suggest how Bush lied about Iraq, but turn a blind eye to Gore having a large mansion and not being so eco-friendly himself. This is the same sort of crowd that also wishes to go back to the pre-9/11 thinking of America not being involved in fighting global terrorism or other problems such as Vladimir Putin eyeing on resurrecting Russia back to its Soviet days, and Putin’s military pact with Hu Jintao’s China. I unfortunately see the analogy of the ostrich putting his head down literally in the dirt and ignoring these sorts of problems. These sorts of problems cannot be ignored anymore.

Maxwell Hoffman History Major