Campus police tackle suspect to ground


Two Cal State Northridge police officers tackled a suspect to the ground on a grassy patch outside Manzanita Hall on Friday afternoon, eyewitnesses said.

Josefina Martinez, a Cinema and Television Arts major and cashier at the store across from the Matador Bookstore, said she was walking to work when she saw a female running into Manzanita Hall with two bookstore employees chasing her.

They stopped chasing her as soon as she entered the building, Martinez said.

Eighteen-year-old Gor Vkhkryan, a first-year psychology major, said two police officers came from the bookstore area of campus in a police vehicle, and that another police officer drove onto campus, having seemingly driven from Darby Avenue, down Etiwanda Avenue and then toward the Manzanita Hall building.

The police officer who arrived from Etiwanda Avenue apparently brandished a firearm and instructed the suspect to stop, Vhkryan said. When he placed handcuffs on her left wrist, Vhkryan said she swung back at the officer with her right arm, which prompted two other police officers to tackle her to the ground.

Thomas Reynolds, a 19-year-old Cinema and Television Arts major, said he heard a police officer in Manzanita Hall responding to the incident on his walkie-talkie. This was one of three police officers coming from the bookstore region of campus who would help surround the suspect right outside of the building, the other two police officers having arrived in another police vehicle, Reynolds said.

The CSUN Police Department did not respond to queries by the Daily Sundial by press time.

Employees at the bookstore said they did not hear anything about the incident.