Class experiment causes tension at A.S. finance committee meeting

Hilda Yeghishian

A “comical” experiment run by students in a recreation and tourism management course caused tension at the Associated Students finance committee meeting on Monday.

Jim Palmer, a student in the RTM 280 course and current member of the finance committee, placed the funding request and represented the class at the meeting. Their request was for $3,000, which would be used to bring guest comedian Bob Saget for a special open show in the fall semester.

After Palmer was finished placing his request, General Manager David Crandall questioned him about the urgency of the request. The committee had scheduled a special meeting in order to hear the request with the notion that this was an important issue needing to be addressed with immediacy. They were less then amused with the subject matter.

Under Crandall’s suggestion, committee member Zabie Mansoory moved to adjourn the special meeting without a recommendation since the request was not an emergency and the paperwork was not completely turned in.

Only after the special meeting was officially adjourned did Palmer explain to the committee members that the class was involved in a “comical” experiment and that their intention was to see how much the committee would fund for such a request.

“I think it is a waste of time given the seriousness of this committee,” said Sonja Daniels, student development adviser.

Palmer said he had spoken to Director of Finance Adam Haverstock the day before about it and received an OK. Haverstock was not at the meeting due to prior arrangements.

The committee then proceeded with its original agenda. Four other requests were seen and deliberated.

A representative of Pi Kappa Phi spoke to the committee about funding a biannual leadership conference, which will be taking place in North Carolina. They were recommended the standard allocation of $600.

“We are training leaders for the future,” he said.

Students of the American Sociological Association and Muslim Student Association were also granted the same recommendation of $600 each for travel expenses to their various conferences.

The committee recommended the total $500 requested by the Public Relations Student Society of America so they can bring a guest speaker to motivate students and also to participate in the PR Agency Tour.

Monday’s finance meeting was the last for the spring semester. Members said their goodbyes and best wishes.

“It was nice working with you all,” committee member Taiba Kator said.

Kator will be an A.S. senator next semester so she gave her best wishes and said she hoped to see them next semester.