Daily Sundial’s editor-in-chief introduces a new semester


The beginning of another semester brings the beginning of another staff of the Sundial. Yet, even with the change in editorial line up, the Sundial you know and love will remain just as it was before: a solid mix of hard news, photography, feature stories, opinions, and arts and entertainment.

News, of course, never changes all that much. We’re going to keep covering the events on campus, everything from President Jolene Koester’s annual convocation speech and Associated Students’ Senate meetings to club events and the occasional impromptu oddball sighting. Of course, we’re still going to be investigating some of the issues you need to know about on campus, so keep those eyes peeled for the big scoops.

All of these stories will be accompanied by photos from our team of photographers. This semester we’re especially concentrating on getting more pictures available for your viewing pleasure. While there might be only one photo accompanying a story in the paper, you can expect to see whole slideshows of photographs at our Web site, sundial.csun.edu. While you’re there you can submit your own pictures to our new feature, the CSunSpot. Every Monday we’ll post the pictures we thought were the best from the previous week.

With our features section we hope to introduce you to some people and places you might not have known about, or perhaps reintroduce you to some that you thought you knew. Sometimes these people and places will be on campus and sometimes they will be farther away, but they will always be interesting.

The opinion page, as always, is a forum for public discussion ranging from letters to the editor in response to an article, to editorials on local, state, and national policy. As a forum for public discussion, the opinion page is open to submission by anyone, from incoming freshman to A.S. President Adam Haverstock.

Readers are always welcome to comment on stories at our Web site as well. We even have you covered if something is just bothering you in general. With our new online feature, the Gripevine, you’ll be able to post your frustrations, from parking and buying books to the teacher that is always late. If something a bit more focused is your style, we will also have a poll that will be updated weekly.

Arts and Entertainment is still going to cover CSUN plays and art shows in addition to exhibits from museums like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art. We’re also going to throw in some music and movie reviews, as well as the occasional video game review.

The biggest aim of the Sundial, the mission we keep in mind with every story we write and every photo we take, is to keep our readers informed of the things they need to know about. This is often a constant struggle for us, partly because we’re all pretty new at this newspaper business, but also because of the relatively short amount of time we’re here. While we are often in flux, you can rest assured that we will always keep up that struggle to the best of our abilities, to keep you informed of the things you want, need, and deserve to know.