Crime Blotter for August 15-21

Art piece shows the words Crime Blotter above a pair of open handcuffs and a crushed beer can

Samantha Gullikson

Monday, August 15

· An unknown alleged suspect stole a CSUN parking permit from an unlocked vehicle north of Oviatt Library.

· A vehicle’s tire was punctured in the F5 parking lot by an unknown alleged suspect.


Tuesday, August 16

· Unknown alleged suspect(s) ripped a toilet paper dispenser off the wall and carved graffiti on wall tiles of a bathroom in Redwood Hall just after midnight.


Wednesday, August 17

· An alleged suspect was apprehended for driving with a suspended license and expired registration near Nordhoff Street and Darby Avenue.

· An electronic cart was stolen from the F8 parking lot in the early afternoon. The cart was later found, the alleged suspect is unknown.


Thursday, August 18

· Two suspects were arrested on separate occasions for driving with suspended licenses and having outstanding bench warrants. One failed to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and the other had inoperable lighting equipment. Both were booked at the LAPD Van Nuys jail.

· An unknown suspect crashed into vehicle’s passenger side and failed to report the collision or leave any information.


Friday, August 19

· CSUN officers issued a citation to an alleged suspect for driving with a suspended license and failing to obey the “No Turn on Red” sign at the corner of Nordhoff Street and Zelzah Avenue.

Saturday, August 20

· A citation was issued to a suspect for driving without a license near White Oak Avenue and Nordhoff Street.