Overreacting to Vick

William Kammer

I’m very confused as to why we care so much about what is going on with Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick. I can see the interest people have, because of his celebrity status, but why are so many people trying to destroy his life?

I know what he did, and I have no way to justify his actions. But the actions we as a nation have taken against him are also unjustifiable.

Many are demanding that Vick’s head roll as he goes through these events in court, but those people need to look at what’s actually going on. People are focusing on Vick because he is such an exceptional athlete, but there are many other athletes throughout this country who have received lesser punishment for greater crimes.

Vick may have abused dogs, but many others in athletic sports beat human beings. Athletes who beat their wives and hit people when they are drunk driving are barely even heard of in the news, and, in extreme cases, they might receive a couple game suspension.

If we have no problem with athletes doing these kinds of things, why would we care about them doing it to dogs?

It seems like people care about what’s happening with these dogs because organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). tell you to care about them. I personally would rather defend a human being than a dog, but members of those organizations like this seem to think differently. Instead of defending the humans who are beat by football players, they defend the dogs.

This one story has attracted more media attention than all of the NFL player’s domestic violence disputes combined.

Something seems very wrong about this situation. I think defending an innocent human being is far more important than defending an innocent dog, no matter how cute or helpless the animal may seem.

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