Welcome to Your CSUNSpot

Daily Sundial

Community is a concern for us here at the Sundial. As numerous opinion pieces and A.S. presidents have lamented before, CSUN is distinctly lacking in community. To that effect we have created CSunSpot.

CSunSpot is a place for you, the readers, to share your experiences with the CSUN community. Send us your photos of whatever you did during the past week. If you’re in a club, send us the awesome stuff your club did during the meeting. If you and your dormmates did something truly different on a random Tuesday, send us the pictures. Tell us about your experiences and even make some shout-outs to your peers. Every Monday we will chose the best pictures and showcase them here on CSunSpot.

Our hope is CSunSpot will show what most assume doesn’t even exist, the CSUN spirit, is actually thriving.

Paul Castillo Editor In Chief

Send all your pictures with comments and captions to csunspot@gmail.com. Make sure all photos are at least 500 width.