Women’s soccer team wins second consecutive home game


Roll, Lauren(right) and Sylvia Trinh (Left) battle over ball possession. (Alejandro Aranda/The Sundial)

Han Byol Yi

The CSUN women’s soccer team beat Ball State University at home on Friday, after freshman Bethany Fitzsimmons scored her first career goal.

With the 1-0 win, the Matadors now hold a 3-1-1 record for this season.

Remembering the practice she had all week, Fitzsimmons was right where she was supposed to be in order to help her team come out victorious.

Fitzsimmons said she didn’t even know it went it happened. It was all of her teammates running after her that made her realize she scored.

She also said she was happy her family was able to witness her first career goal.

Throughout the game, forwards Cynthia Sanchez and Camille Watson gave Ball state a tough time. Both players were able to easily cut through several defensive players.

Sanchez was able to make the first goal attempt of the game and finished the game with four attempts.

Watson had command over the ball throughout the game and finished with eight attempts and one assist.

“I think I was just born fast,” Watson said.

Watson thanked her parents and coach Keith West for recognizing her talent.

Coach West said he knew Watson was special as soon as he saw her on the field.

Watson and Fitzsimmons said studying film on the other team definitely had something to do with the Victory.

“Before, our downfall was not sticking with the plan, but we really stuck with it this time,” Watson said.

Coach West commended the defensive players on their strong game.

“To keep them [Ball State] at bay and not give up the ball was a tall tell story for us,” West said.

The Matadors will go on the road and face San Diego State tomorrow at 5 p.m.