Skateboarder cuffed, ticketed by an officer


A 23-year-old male, not a CSUN student, was temporarily handcuffed, then issued a $140 ticket by a campus police officer last Thursday at about 5:32 p.m. for skateboarding outside of Manzanita Hall.

His name is Dan Walker. And the police officer asked him to present a California identification card, which was in his vehicle, Walker said. He was handcuffed thereafter, though it’s unknown why the police officer did so.

“I just hopped on my board and then he came,” Walker said.

Nate Deeze, a 24-year-old cinematography major, said the police officer approached Walker, his friend, and said, “You know why I’m here.” Deeze said Walker was then told by the police officer to lace his fingers together.

Cinema and television arts major Jose Cazares, 21, said he was sitting down on a bench next to Deeze as he was having a conversation with Walker.

“I was just reading my book and he told me to get out of there,” Cazarez said.

Deeze said, “I can’t believe that my friend gets fined when there are skateboarders five feet away who are doing the same thing.”

Christina Villalobos, special assistant to the chief of police and community relations officer, said that because Walker was handcuffed, not arrested, the incident was not included in the daily incident report released last Friday.

Campus police officers ask to see ID cards “to run checks and to see if they are who they say they are,” Villalobos said.

And the reason skateboarders are ticketed is because they may obstruct pedestrians’ path, Villalobos said.

Skateboarders can legally be ticketed for riding on “any country road, street, highway, lane or alley that has a grade in excess of three percent ? (or) of ten miles per hours,” Title 15 of the Los Angeles County code, Vehicles and Traffic, Chapter 15.54, established.