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NCAA cancels seven championships in North Carolina

NCCA logo, photo courtesy of USA Today Sports.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) relocated seven championship games in North Carolina in protest of laws targeting the transgender community in Charlotte.

This decision began with the NBA relocating its All-Star game in February from Charlotte to New Orleans as a result of the HB2 law, which states that transgender or other members of the LGBTQ community may only be allowed to use the bathroom of their sex that is in correlation of the gender on their birth certificate.

CSUN women’s soccer forward Justine Silvers, who is majoring in early child development, feels the games should not be moved because of the new law, but people should also not be discriminated against.

“I feel like if you are who you are, and should be free to use the bathroom, on what sex you are now,” Silvers said.

The seven events that will be removed from North Carolina are:

-The Division 1 women’s soccer college championship cup, which was slated to take place on Dec. 2-4 at Cary, N.C.

-The Division 3 men and women’s soccer championship at Greensboro on Dec. 2-3.

-The Division 1 men’s basketball tournament first and second rounds would have taken place on Mar. 17 and 19.

-The Division 1 women’s golf championship in Greenville, May 8-10.

-The women’s and men’s tennis championships in Cary, N.C., May 22-27.

-The Division 1 women’s lacrosse championship Cary, N.C., May 26 and 28.

-The Division 2 baseball championships in Cary, N.C., from May 27 through June 3.

CSUN accounting major Moses James said it would be nice to just have bathrooms for everyone and not just one gender.

“We should just have a single bathroom for everyone, so that we can maintain the peace,” James said.

James felt the NCAA did well in canceling the seven games because it does support the transgender community.

“It is a good indicator to the people that this is an issue and people are going to be very supportive,” James said.

James felt as if people should learn to support each other and if it means establishing laws favoring transgender people he is all for it. He said the NBA did a good job moving the All-Star game to New Orleans.

Cynthia Castaneda, an undecided major, does not agree with the NBA or NCAA.

“I feel like the games should not be removed and it should be voted,” Castaneda said.

Castaneda said there should be a legitimate reason as to why the NCAA and the NBA are taking strong actions towards North Carolina. She also said they both are bringing awareness to the new HB2 law issue.

The private tickets that have been already sold for the first and second round of the NCAA tournament will refunded.

The deadline for accepting bids for hosting the new championship events are slated to be submitted by Sept. 27. The announcement for the new cites in which the championships will take place will be announced on Oct 7.

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